Is Genesis History?

A new documentary film about origins was released this past February, and I highly recommend viewing it.  It is streaming on Netflix, and can also be found on Youtube.  The film is hosted by Del Tackett, who interviews many of the leading lights of creation science, including Steven Austin, Todd Wood, Kurt Wise, Andrew Snelling, Marcus Ross, and Southwestern Adventist University's own Arthur Chadwick. 

The film opens at Grand Canyon, the easiest place to see the Paleozoic geological formations piled one on top of the other.  The Christian geologists interviewed say that the geological layers and formations speak to them of catastrophe and rapid deposition, not slow accumulation over hundreds of millions of years.  Likewise, Grand Canyon itself was cut down rapidly, after a natural dam burst, allowing a huge post-Flood lake to drain off the western part of the continent. 

Here is the preview for the documentary:

Here is the entire movie.  The segment with Dr. Chadwick starts at about the 50 minute mark, and shows his dig in Montana, where he and many volunteers have been working for many seasons. 

(Note: the full movie was taken down from youtube, so it is no longer linked to here.)