Stephen Meyer Interviewed About "Return of the God Hypothesis"

Stephen Meyer is probably the most influential leader of the intelligent design movement.  His 2009 book, “Signature in the Cell,” about how DNA is a code containing specified, functional information, was a huge hit and is still selling briskly.  Its thesis was best encapsulated by Bill Gates, who said, “DNA is like a computer program, only much more advanced than any we’ve ever devised.”

His follow-up book, “Darwin’s Doubt,” about the Cambrian explosion, has also been a huge best-seller, and as we noted here, helped convince David Gelernter that Darwinism is deceased as a theory that can explain genus-level biological innovation. 

Now, Meyer has written a book called “The Return of the God Hypothesis,” which is already available for pre-order at Amazon, although it will not be released until next April.  Its thesis is that given what science now believes about the big bang theory—that the universe had a beginning some 14 billion years ago—and the incredible fine-tuning of the physical constants necessary for life to exist in the universe, there must be a God.  In order to bring about the big bang and a resulting universe with finely calibrated physical constants, the designing intelligence must have been present since before the beginning of the universe, and that sounds a lot like God. 

Here, Meyer is interviewed by Eric Metaxas at Park Cities Baptist Church in north Dallas this past January, as part of Metaxas’ “Socrates in the City” series:

Eric Metaxas interviews Stephen C. Meyer about the ultimate mystery of the universe as drawn from recent scientific discoveries in physics, cosmology, and biology. The interview took place at the Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, sponsored by the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture, in January 2019.