Becket Cook on Coming Out of the Gay Lifestyle

Below is a truly inspiring segment on “The Eric Metaxas Radio Show” in which Metaxas interviews Becket Cook, author of the new book, “A Change of Affection.” Becket is a formerly gay man who was inspired by the Holy Spirit to simply quit the gay lifestyle. Period. Full stop. There was no conversion therapy, no pressure from Christians.

Becket says he had a road-to-Damascus experience. He was in a coffee shop in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles and overheard a group of young people having a Bible study. He had never seen a Bible in L.A., and engaged them in conversation. They invited him to their church in Hollywood. He went the next Sunday and listened to an hour-long sermon on the Book of Romans. God revealed Himself to Becket that day, and he immediately quit his old lifestyle. A few years later he was impressed to attend seminary at the Talbot School of Theology at BIOLA, and states that God impressed on various people to pay his way through school.

Cook’s conversion experience flies in the face of the current narrative. His story is not subject to attack through the usual methods -- he changed because God convicted him, and placed within him a desire to quit, and he did. God can accomplish things that human psychology is powerless to effect.

Becket Cook, a set designer in the fashion world with a master's degree in theology, tells the incredible story of redemption out of the gay lifestyle in his book, "A Change of Affection."