The Cure For a Cancer has Been Found (part 1)

There are few words in the English language that stir more fear into a human heart than the dreaded “C-word” . . . . CANCER.  We know that getting cancer is a serious problem that far too often ends in death, and that death is often preceded by enormous suffering and pain.  The world’s hospitals and cancer clinics are filled with victims fighting for their lives.

We are all affected by cancer.  Nearly every one of us knows someone; a relative, a loved one, friend, or even perhaps ourselves has or has had some form of cancer.  We all would likely agree that this serious disease is one of the saddest evils of living in a fallen world.  Cancer is horrible!

To understand how serious cancer is and how it affects our lives, we should look at the distinct and diabolical characteristics that it contains. 

Dr. William Li, MD, leading Cancer Researcher, President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation says that every single person has microscopic cancers growing inside them. He explains that the human body is made up of more than 50 trillion cells that are continuously dividing to keep us healthy. But if just one of those cells makes a mistake or “mutates” then presto, we have formed a potentially microscopic cancer. The good news is that most of these abnormal cells will never become dangerous because our bodies have excellent defenses against cancer. Our immune system is one defense and another defense is our body’s ability to resist blood vessels from growing into and feeding cancers.

So, what causes these harmless microscopic cancers to develop into full blown cancer?  Dr. Li says by doing things that provoke the development of cancer!  You can get too much sun or be exposed to cigarette smoke, first or secondhand.  Excessive alcohol and too many processed meats and processed foods can provoke cancer to develop.  The body has a hard time digesting the preservatives and nitrates in processed meats and foods and they actually accumulate in our bodies, becoming carcinogen.  Anything that dwells in the body that can provoke cancer cells is bad for you.  Additionally, high stress can trigger/provoke cancer.  If stress is combined with other lifestyle problems like lack of sleep and being overweight, chances of getting cancer are increased.

On the other hand, as Dr. Li explains, we can actually add things to our life that can boost our body’s cancer defense systems such as exercise and getting enough restorative sleep. Additionally we can eat foods that contain anti-angiogenic properties (starving cancer cells) like fruits and vegetables with high nutrient and antioxidant compounds.

Cancer has two especially sinister aspects that few people realize: 

Cancer is deceptive! 

Cancer cells can mask themselves from the body’s immune system with very clever “lies”.  The National Cancer Institute says it this way:  “Cancer cells are also often able to evade the immune system through deception.  The immune system is a network of organs, tissues, and specialized cells that protects the body from infections and other conditions.  Although the immune system normally removes damaged or abnormal cells from the body, some cancer cells are able to “hide” from the immune system with clever chemical disguises.  Even more deceptive, tumors can also use the immune system to stay alive and grow.  For example, with the help of certain immune system cells that normally prevent a runaway immune response, cancer cells can actually keep the immune system from killing cancer cells.

Cancer devours & destroys!

Cancer cells will divide out of control, and eat up the good cells, invading and devouring the normal healthy cells and tissues of the body.  Divide and Conquer = Cancer’s main battle plan!

Very interestingly these two sinister components of Cancer (Deceive & Destroy) were captured in Jesus Christ’s most penetrative description of our Enemy – the Devil!

John 8:44 = The Devil is the father of lies (deception) for he was a Liar and a Murderer from the beginning!  Here we have in Jesus’ own description of Satan, the very basic ingredients of cancer:  Deception + Destruction!

Truly cancer is a devilish disease that affects ALL of us and causes untold misery, suffering and loss in this fallen world.  No wonder.  It contains the very ingredients that make up the exact character of Satan himself! 

Could it be that the essential nature of Satan ( cancer), is one reason that THE ultimate cure for human body cancer hasn’t yet been found?  Much of the modern world today scoffs at the idea of a literal devil, and isn’t even sure there really is a god,  therefore folks aren’t looking at the good vs evil dynamics of our reality!  Just a thought. . . .

Question:  If anyone had cancer, and Jesus walked up to that person, do you believe He would be able to heal them of their cancer?  I mean Jesus can restore the dead back to life right?  So curing cancer is not a problem, agreed?

Fighting cancer and preventing cancer is often tied to some very concrete action plans.  Some sincere and tangible life style behavior changes:  Stop smoking + Exercise + Sleep + Trust in God to reduce stress, Diet change, etc.


 Cancer has inherent characteristics of the Devil, deception and destruction, and just as physical body cancer occurs, so spiritual cancer occurs operating from the same negative principles of deceive and destroy.