The Results Are In: N.A.D. Ordination Survey

On November 22, Fulcrum7 launched a Survey on women's ordination.  The survey lasted 40-days, and was open to members in the North American Division (N.A.D.) of Seventh-day Adventists.

We used a simple schema:  

  • Participants had to live within the N.A.D.
  • Voters outside the N.A.D. had their votes vacated (cancelled).
  • A person could only vote once (all double votes were deleted).
  • Participants had to identify their state (if from the U.S.), or province if from Canada.
  • Participants could choose between three answers: 
  1. "I support Women's Ordination" 
  2. "I do not support Women's Ordination" 
  3. "I am undecided"


  • "I support the ordination of women"   23.09%
  • "I do not support the ordination of women"  75.51%
  • Undecided  1.40 %



  • California was 72.2% opposed to WO.
  • Michigan was 72.54% opposed to WO.
  • The small amount of undecided votes came from Texas, Michigan, Hawaii, Arizona and Kansas and Tennessee.
  • I participated in the survey; David Read did not.
  • Florida was 38.8% in favor of WO.
  • When the survey opened (11-23-16) there was a steady wave of opposition votes.  After three days, there was a substantial influx of pro-WO votes that lasted for several days.  During the middle and end of the survey, voting was more opposed to WO.
  • Of those opposed to female ordination, 41.9% were women.
  • Of those in favor of ordaining women, 38.9% were women.


To those of you who participated in the survey, thank you.  Each of your votes counted, and are appreciated.  Have a great new Year!