Let's Talk About Sex

Marriage is not a convention of the state--it's a natural right.

Those who have the natural right to marry are those who have biological access to children. We call them heterosexuals. They have parts that fit together so that they can become one both through intercourse and through the children that union produces.

Homosexual couples cannot become one.  Their sex acts mimic the natural ideal but cannot produce life.  All they can produce is sexual pleasure (1 Timothy 5:6).

If sexual pleasure is the biological purpose of sex then surely they have the natural right to be considered married and all sex that brings pleasure is acceptable sex.  But if the biological purpose of sex is children then homosexuals do not have the right to be married.  If you disagree let me ask you. What is the biological purpose of eating?  The answer is nourishment.

Eating is pleasurable but pleasure isn't the purpose it's the byproduct of eating.  It's the same with sex.  If pleasure was the purpose of eating then you could fulfill the purpose of eating by chewing gum.  And if pleasure was the purpose of sex then any sex that pleases you would be acceptable, but this isn't the case.

People are bound to say, "But are you saying that people can only have sex for the sake of having kids?  No, not at all, but sexual practice should revolve around sex that is ordered by nature and the sex that is ordered by nature is that sex which produces life.  Sex between those whose parts fit together.  Design infers purpose.

For thousands of years prior to birth control sex has had the potential to produce life.  This is as nature intends.  To endorse a sexual practice based on sodomy or other homosexual practices is not in accordance with nature's purpose.

If it takes a legislature to make you married, your marriage is a convention and not a natural right.  Historically, the State recognised the natural right of people who have biological access to children.

The push to make marriage something the state can define rather than recognise is an attempt to remove the natural right of parents and turn their marriage--and hence their entire family--into a convention of the state.  And what the State defines, the state controls.  It becomes the quasi parent!

In principle this is the same as what the world saw with the Hitler youth movement in National Socialist Germany, and it's happened in every system where tyrants rule.  The Government must diminish parental rights in order to control future generations.  With same sex marriage you can say goodbye to parent's rights. 

Look at what's happening in Canada.  In Ottawa, a law was passed that allows the government to take children away from parents who will not consent to their child's chosen gender identity.

So, the parent can choose what their children eat, the clothes they wear, the school they attend, the friends they spend time with, the tv shows they watch, the hobbies they enjoy, etc. but they cannot encourage their children to accept the basic facts of biology. 

If the Ontario government feels it has the right to take a kid away from their parents for this then why not for anything not state endorsed?  And really, biological facts oppose the Ontario Government here.  If they can take your kids away for you not accepting your kids subjective view of themselves then what's next?  That's the logical result of marriage equality. 

Make marriage State defined and not defined by nature (i.e. the parts fit and two become one in sex and in their children) then teach that gender isn't binary in school, then tell parents (and children) they don't have the right to disagree with what the government is teaching their children in school.  The LGBT agenda supported by secular leftists isn't about helping persecuted people, it's about persecuting people.

The LGBT community has more authority over children in Ontario than their parents do.  Or should I say the Government of Ontario has found a way to gain leverage over parents and force them to believe in their view of human sexuality and gender.  When you make marriage something that can be defined by the State, rather than something the State recognises as a natural right-- this is what happens.


Matt & Sherise live in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.  They have two fine sons: Max and Benji.