WorldWide Exclusive: Official Media Release From Supporters Of Gary Kent

Supporters of Gary Kent – Official Release
Media Release
23rd May 2017


The South Pacific Division released a new media statement on Friday 21st May regarding the
ownership of It Is Written Oceania.  Many of the facts in this media release were inaccurate
and untrue.

This continues the South Pacific Division’s attempt to sideline and silence the leading
evangelistic ministries of the General Conference who daily engage in public evangelism
spreading the “The Three Angels Message” in Australia.

The information below outlines recent trademark registration by the South Pacific Division and is information available to the public via Australia Government IP.

• It is Written – Lodgement Date 19th December 2013
• It is Written Oceania – Lodgement Date 25th August 2009
• Voice of Prophecy – Lodgement Date 19th Dec 2013
• Amazing Facts Oceania – Lodgement Date 19th April 2015

None of the above entities were advised of the South Pacific Division’s intent to register their
business names as trademarks.  We have been told that the Amazing Facts Oceania
registration was only discovered when a USA based trademark expert notified the
administration in the United States.  Amazing Facts wrote to the South Pacific Division
asking them to drop the application.  The division refused and trademark lawyers ruled that
the South Pacific Division did not act “in Good Faith” with their trademark application and it
was deregistered.  Both It Is Written USA and Voice of Prophecy sought the same outcome
and have written to the South Pacific Division which have continued to deny their requests.
In fact, the registration of another Seventh Day Adventist Church’s name is violation of the
General Conference working policy BA 40 37 which states:

“If a denomination entity wishes to use a trademark that is owned or already in use by
another entity, other than the General Conference, the entity must first obtain permission
from the entity that owns or is using the trademark”.

The registration of trade marks by the South Pacific Division (SPD) and Adventist Media is
simply a battle to control the message that is distributed by these conservative evangelistic
ministries.  The South Pacific Division seeks to limit the evangelistic message of these

Further evidence can be seen in the following actions of the SPD after registration of

• The dismissal of the It Is Written Management Committee made up of church
members, donors and a representative of the South Pacific Division in September
2015 and replaced by an Adventist Media Committee with only staff of the SPD, the
union presidents and a conference treasurer.

• Introduction of new Strategic document with the following requirements:

          o “The It Is Written Management Committee will be abandoned.  In future, any
          strategic and operational decisions and approvals will come through to the

o ..”the directions of the CEO and other members of ADCOM group are not
negotiable and any one unwilling to accept this will be subject to appropriate
disciplinary action..”

o “The focus of It Is Written Oceania programs will be on providing biblical
solutions in spiritual challenges and questions in life. Put in another way, it
will be a teaching program.”

o “All scripts, regardless of their source are to be signed off by the Adventist
Media Committee before being given to production”

The SPD has removed itself from any association with It Is Written (USA) and changed its core mission from the original mission statement, which states as follows:

“It Is Written is dedicated to sharing insights from God’s Word with people around the world.  Founded in 1956 by George Vandeman, the theme of this ministry can be found in Matthew 4:4 “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

The dismissal of Pr Gary Kent removed the last link between its original founding principles and parent entity It Is Written (USA).

Yours truly,

Members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia & Donors of It Is Written

Please see previous media release for more information.


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