Donald Trump And The American Supremacy

A few months ago, the world was in a state of shock at the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States of America.  Soon after, the press engaged in a campaign of criticism and devaluation of Trump and all that is connected to him, trying to instill in society the fear that with this president everything is threatened and nothing is certain.

In fact, Trump cannot have a miserable sneeze, that a flood of criticism immediately arises: because the "achoo" was too noisy and should have been discreet, because it gives a very bad example to young people who do not care for their health or because the butterfly effect can cause the released microbes to fatally reach an isolated tribe in the Amazon, everything serves to arouse suspicion, distrust and fear towards his person.

A clear example was when Trump tried to give hands to his wife when off the plane during an official state visit, something that Melania apparently brushed back.  Clumsy as he is, both in words and actions, Trump ignored a simple matter of protocol, which his wife soon corrected. But just because holding hands with the wife could even be interpreted as a moment of classic family tenderness, possible reasons to reprove the American first family were immediately invoked, as well as insinuations of serious problems between them and the incompetence of Trump.  In terms of comparison, whenever Pope Francis runs away from protocol he is praised, often almost to the point of glorification...

More than ever we can see what are the globalist interests of the elite.  They thought to have everything under control, until there comes a person with firm and uncompromising ideas.  A person with many friends and supporters linked to the religious sector, comes along and and calls into question the (re)construction of a socio-cultural Babel, a worldview so fragile and unsustainable that despite the strong propaganda to claim otherwise, will have to collapse somewhere along the way.

In this context, Donald Trump’s move to withdraw the United States from the famous Paris climate agreement is just another step along the lines of what has been happening in America: the re-establishment of the great American nation as the only world superpower, independent of all others, emancipated from their decisions, sovereign for what most interests their people and individualistic in their actions.

Freeing itself from the ties of international agreements and treaties (from the areas of trade, immigration, etc. -- which only harm the United States and benefit other nations, usually socialist ones) Trump positively tries to launch the country in a cycle of prosperity and even more development that we haven’t seen for a long time.

With this stance of firm authority, and to some extent also self-determination, without being concerned about what others may think or say, the United States of America can assume and reinforce an undisputed leadership role at all levels.  This emerges as a huge contrast to the decline manifested by the deconstruction of Americanism that Obama’s eight years in charge offered to the world.

Can we say that this is a gross display of imperialistic arrogance and prepotency on the part of Trump?  It is, without a doubt.  Do you know why?  Because the United States of America is the greatest, most robust, powerful, influential, thriving, capable, wealthy, and dynamic nation in history.  And they did it for themselves, without needing anyone else, against a backdrop of a Christian and Protestant constitutional foundation that values civil liberties, including freedom of conscience and worship as a supreme value.  This freedom of conscience was something that the past few years have shown to be at stake, and hence the clash of pro-globalization activists turned into anti-Trump militants.

I am sure the press will spend days or weeks listing all the immense dangers to the human species that this Trump measure represents.  Hours of airtime will be attributed to the thugs on duty who will invade the streets with the always colorful posters: “Think of our children”, “The earth belongs to everyone”, “My cat also breathes” and others more or less original.  Maybe some will suggest going back to the 1960s and walking to San Francisco, CA, with flowers decorating their hair.  Enjoy the journey and do not forget to take the guitar, since Scott McKenzie cannot be there anymore.

Even European political leaders risk turning into a new YouTube sensation by recording semi-amateur videos urging the American people not to be discouraged, and they, the European leaders, will be there to save them.  Oddly, these politicians cannot assure their fellow citizens, those who they directly represent and elected them, that they will be safe from the external threats of radical Islam that causes them to explode in the subway stations and be crushed by trucks in the public squares; but they have the nerve to peddle themselves as the saviors of the American people.  Is this schizophrenia or just a rudimentary and childlike strategy?

On the other hand, what the press is certainly going to omit is, for example, that American bosses have begun hiring in soon after Trump’s inauguration, resulting in about one million jobs in the private sector, the value of companies in the New York Stock Exchange market has grown more than three trillion dollars, illegal immigration to the country has been greatly reduced, rules against female genital mutilation have been set and funds to pro-abortion organizations cut.

“Make America Great Again” is more than a campaign slogan - it can be a decisive step in prophetic fulfillment.  How?  By establishing and confirming the United States of America as rulers of the world.

The worldwide relevance of the American nation is fundamental to the last scenes of Earth’s history.  As all these sociopolitical developments will move to the strictly religious field, it is only what remains to be seen.  Let us be awake, and let us not trade the patience of the saints for the panic of the saints.



Filipe Reis is a lay evangelist with “Faith and Evidence”, a self-supporting ministry in Portugal.