Death Throes of Walla Walla General Hospital

I cannot keep my mouth shut on this.  

Many of you that know me can attest to my ability to be critical with other people’s failures, a poor character trait Jesus is graciously correcting.  I have found it very easy in these troublesome times around Walla Walla to point a finger.  Yet during my conversations I am pointed to the true tragedy of this situation and I am now ready to voice my heartfelt concern for the situation as a whole, and as a specific topic.

The hospital in Walla Walla Washington has been operated for many years by Adventist Health Systems West.  This hospital has a hundred year or more history in the Walla Walla Valley with a great reputation for being a kind & loving institution.  For the past few years it has been well-known locally that the Hospital has experienced some financial difficulties.  The rumor is $60+million in debts.  Much more recently a deal was arranged with the other local hospital in town to recoup some of these losses in a merger/debt relief agreement that was to give access to the assets of WWGH in exchange for some cash and the continued operation of the facility.  It was represented in every way short of calling it a sale yet in real terms it was a sale.  And now the real sticky point is that the State of Washington has determined it IS a SALE, and the agreement is not able to be completed.

The real tragedy is now that the “not a sale” can no longer continue, Adventist Health Systems West is not able to continue keeping the doors open of this much loved and greatly needed operation during the process needed to create a sale.  As a “Business” they must do what is best for the rest of the company and the shareholders.


This does not bode well for any of the “Stake holders” in this process.  Who are the stake holders?  Employees, families of employees, the schools they pay to attend, the employees of those schools, those school employee’s families, the businesses they frequent, and many other people and business in this community that will be effected with the loss of 400 employees if this company (hospital) is to be shuttered.

Yet, this is not even the most important stake holder in this equation.  Who is that you ask?  It is the people in this community and the outlying communities that not only rely on this hospital for health care but they rely on these SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST people to provide them with more than just health care.  We provide REAL tangibles like spiritual guidance, personal guidance, lifestyle changes for better health, loving end of life care, and the MOST important of all items provided are the Steps to Christ.  It is God’s work that this hospital has been doing for 100 years.  Not just health care.  But Jesus Care.

This is the real reason why this institution should NOT be allowed to fail.  These doors CAN NOT be allowed to close.  The reproach brought upon our Lord Jesus Christ and His ministry cannot be measured in mere dollars and cents.  The work of Jesus is measured in wins and losses of the souls we come into contact with.  

A similar situation was addressed by Ellen G White in Volume 6 of the testimonies for the work being done in Scandinavia and the financial tragedy they experienced.  Chapter 58 page 463 second paragraph states;

“I am greatly troubled in regard to the difficulties and dangers surrounding our institutions in Scandinavia. My mind is stirred to appeal to our people, not only in behalf of the Christiania publishing house, but also for the Danish Sanitarium. The enemy has been represented to me as waiting eagerly for an opportunity to destroy these institutions, which are instrumentalities of God, used for the redemption of mankind.  Shall Satan’s desire be gratified??  Shall we allow these institutions be wrested from our hands and their beneficent work to be stopped??  Because our brethren have made mistakes, shall we leave them alone to bear the consequences of their miscalculations?  Is this the way in which Christ has dealt with us??

(Italics are mine.) And then also the end of paragraph 3:  

Our first thought should be, How can we help to lift the load? Time is precious. There is too much at stake to run the risk of delay.

TOO MUCH AT STAKE. Yes there is too much at stake for this business to close its doors.  100-years of doing God’s work is at stake folks.  Can you not see this! 

I call on the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventist, and the North American Division of Seventh Day Adventist to see this tragedy for what it is. SATAN IS WINNING in Walla Walla Washington and all for a few measly dollars.  As a worldwide church, I cannot see that this issue cannot be corrected.  God is waiting for you to answer the call.  Walla Walla is wondering if the Adventist Health message in Walla Walla is worth the cost to you.  Remember what Jesus said about a mustard seed.




[Disclaimer.  Fulcrum7 is informed that the problems with WWMC are various, including poor management, a drift away from Adventist distinctives, and heavy competition in a small community.  May the Lord's will be done.]