Church Potluck Committee Issues Statement On Annual Council

Ok, that hasn’t happened….yet. But it could soon.

In the wake of Annual Council’s decision to adopt measures to address compliance in the Church, a plethora of Church entities who support WO have come out with solidarity statements in support of non-compliance. Here’s another one.

Not content with administering MRI’s, taping ankles, diagnosing Dyscopia, and delivering babies, Florida Hospital took the time to issue yet another I-don’t-like-the-compliance statement. Here it is:

“We, the Florida Hospital Church Board, stand in solidarity with Pacific Union Conference and Columbia Union Visitor [Pacific & Columbia Unions] and their honoring the decisions of their constituents. We affirm that no region of the world church can be allowed to hamper the mission of another region. When this is the effect of policy, then such policy is non-compliant with the great commission of Jesus Christ and must be opposed. We believe our unity is in Jesus Christ and not in matters of policy, or methods of operation, or systems of governance." - Florida Hospital Church Board

And here is a partial list of the Seventh-day Adventist Church subordinates that have ‘issued’ statements in the wake of GCAC18:

NAD (of course, they are the chief agitators of this mutiny)
Southwestern Union
Oregon Conference
Idaho Conference
Andrews University & Seminary
Florida Hospital Church
And others . . .

These Church entities are outing themselves as complicit in the SDA rebellion against their brethren around the world. Generating a special kind of contagion, NAD entities are rushing to support one another in this rebellion, leaving us wondering when the local Sabbath School board and Potluck Committees will join the insurgency. But . . .

The good news, is that many of the rank-and-file members still care about the Church. Around the world, the ratio of committed Adventists to defiant subordinate leaders is very high. And we all need accountability. Accountability actually helps create trust by holding each of us to the same standard.  We need it, they need it, you need it.

The Church doesn’t need more mutineers exposing themselves, it needs the unifying experience of honoring God through His Word, and humbly serving our fellow man. Even with accountability.