A Look Back at Autumn Council 2017

"God is not mocked.  Whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap."

What are the results of hesitation, delay of punishment/consequences?  Does it embolden to further rebellion or make them compliant?  What is the Bible's record of lack of correction?   It is Eli and his sons and King David and his sons Amnon and Absalom. 

Do we no longer follow Paul’s advice to put out that wicked person from among us?  Do we now eat with them?  Will a delay in disciplinary action bring honor to God’s name or dishonor?  Because sin abounds the love of many will wax cold.  

Are the rebellious now assuring themselves with ”God will do neither good or evil…”  Will confidence in the General conference (GC) be heightened by the Executive Committee’s (EC) lack of action? 

Will the blood of those who are being deceived by the rebellious among us be accounted to the GC and EC for their failure to do their duty in rebuking and disciplining the rebellious?  When people die in the strong delusion, will God hold these watchmen on the walls of Zion accountable for their lack of blowing the trumpets?   If a child disobedient to his/her parents was stoned in the Bible, setting an example of warning to others, then who is at fault for further rebellion/disobedience due to a lack of applying discipline?  Is God near that He may hear us call when we refuse to do the unpleasant duty of rebuke and discipline? 

The leadership of Israel was not faithful to God by being decisive and therefore failed of ridding the land of idols and now modern Israel leadership by “postponing” action, fails to rid the “land” (church) of the modern idols that are held so dear by a faction within the church.   It is a gross miscarriage of justice by failing to remove these rebellious officers from their positions when it has been affirmed that there are policies and procedures in place as stated by Ted Wilson in Adventist World, August 2017 issue page 9: 

“Clearly delineated church policies and procedures have been established to address whatever methodological or theological disagreements may arise within our church family.” 

This inaction on the part of the Executive Committee sets a precedent for further rebellions. 

One cannot be hypocritical in removing an officer due to a problem in one area but leaving other officers in place who are disobeying in other areas.  Now persons that need to be removed from office can refuse to comply.  And what makes it worse is that this isn’t a problem in the laity but in leadership.  This is a leadership problem.  Is sin by any name still sin?

 We have given the enemy of our souls the advantage; he points the finger of contempt at us and justifies his claim that we are not worshipping the God of heaven but the gods of this world…political correctness, and egualitarianism to name the obvious.   Our problem is blindness…  Blind to our position, we think we have wisdom--having not anointed our eyes with truth that we may see…  Sin left unrebuked emboldens and makes us partakers of their evil deeds.  We have in essence wished them God speed; continue doing sin that grace may abound…. 

When will the leprosy rise up in the foreheads of those who would go against God’s will and way of worship?  When will the Battle Creeks burn down?  When will it be declared that God is not with these leaders?  By rejecting the truth of God’s Word then are we not saying "We will not have this man to rule over us"?  What other policies and foundational beliefs can now be ignored with impunity?  

The pillars of our faith are being removed one at a time.  Male leadership as exampled in the Bible and given in the SOP,  baptism in your sins not from your sins, evolution espoused in our institutions of “higher learning,” the changing of the way the Bible is interpreted (aka laid aside).  We know that the last two pillars of our faith to be attacked will be State of the Dead and the 7th Day Sabbath.   I urge all to study the pillars of our faith, the Sanctuary, the testimony of Jesus and the Commandments of God.

I am grateful for the few who stood up for the truth in face of opposition as reported by Fulcrum7.  He who is faithful in the least will be faithful in much.  I encourage all to dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone, dare to have a purpose firm, dare to make it known.


Rose Durant