Now California wants to Criminalize Christian Morality And Sanctification

Hello lads!  ChurchMouse back from a grueling trip to the far left coast of the States.  'Twas in California, more's the pity.  

I thought London was bad, the entire state of California is running amuck, with multiculturalist liberals, and gay Social Justice Asian Democrat Assembly (persons) men leading the charge.  Just last week, Sacramento lawmakers, once again worshiped their triune god of political-correctness, government control and rainbow flavored sexual deviancy.  Here's the word, Sir:

On Thursday, the overwhelmingly Democrat-controlled California General Assembly adopted legislation that would make it illegal to sell, for example, a book that represents traditional Orthodox historic Christian teaching on gender and sexual orientation.  Under the guise of consumer fraud legislation, Assembly Bill 2943, passed the General Assembly on Thursday and now sends it on to the California Senate.  This bill would make it a so-called unlawful business practice to engage in.  Here's the legislation's language, "A transaction intended to result, or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer that would, for example, offer to engage in or do engage in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual."

What we are facing here is an effort by the state (government of the State of California) to make it virtually illegal for anyone to represent biblical Christian teaching on issues of gender, sex and sexual morality.

Bear in mind, under the guise of consumer fraud legislation, there is an inclusion of virtually everything that has any kind of transfer of money.  That would involve for example, the sale of a book.  But according to experts in California, it could also refer to paying a pastor!  What we're looking at is an undeniable infringement of religious liberty.

We've seen this over and over again -- liberal revolutionaries pushing for moral revolution, especially on the LGBT issues.  They are setting out to eradicate, even by force of coercive law, anyone who would represent an opposing worldview (in this case a biblical worldview) 

For years we have anticipated government coercion, and for years we been told that warnings like this have been nothing but Christian paranoia.  But now we're looking at something that actually passed the California General Assembly on Thursday and is expected to sail through the California Senate.  I daresay David French at National Review got it right when he described this action as, "extraordinarily radical."  

It is also extraordinarily hypocritical.  The entire transgender movement is predicated upon the preposterous notion that gender is a fluid, and thus movable, construct.  If one can change their gender at will or whim, why then do liberals get in a snit over the possibility of a homosexual renouncing their sin on the basis of Truth and returning to normalcy?  Your guess is as good as mine.  You can change your gender, but you cannot change your mind?  Methinks they have been feasting on Tide Pods.

It bears noting, at no time in Christian history has the true Christian faith been easy.  Nor should it be on this benighted planet (John 15:18).  But in our moment right now in the post-Christian west, we are facing challenges that previous generations of Christians, at least in our civilization, have never faced before.

But it's beyond that.  We are actually facing serious moral questions and basic issues of legislative moral revolt that no previous generation of Christians had to face.  And the terrain is changing so very quickly.

Christians believe in the Lord, Bible religion and family.  Doing the work of Satan, the left sets out to destroy them by proving that these institutions are evil and oppressive.  To the left, Christian believers are racist, bigoted, women-hating homophobes.  The biblical (patriarchical) family is a setting for abuse that makes gay people feel bad.  When the dust settles, the only 'good' religion and family are the kind defined by the licentious left.  Having destroyed the existing system of organization, the left replaces it with its own.  That is the ultimate goal of a culture war.  Not mere destruction, but absolute power.


The culture war that liberalism wages upon biblical faith begins by attacking abstract ideas (for instance, "We don't like patriarchy, we want WO").  Then it attacks organizations.  Then it attacks people.