I Despised Seventh-day Adventists, And Then I Became One

Of all Christian churches, I hated the Seventh-Day Adventist Church more than any other churches I came across.

I regarded the Seventh-Day Adventist church members as stubborn, dry Christians, Pharisees, judgemental and law believers. I debated with Seventh-Day Adventist Christian students in school and argued with colleagues at workplaces about the 7th day Sabbath, Death, Baptism, Grace, Law, Sanctuary, rapture & many other sensitive topics/subjects of the Bible.

I came from another Protestant Christian faith, where my area was dominated. I also came from a family of six children, being the 4th born where my father, now at the dying age was a missionary/pastor.

A Rascal


I was the naughtiest of all the 6 children in the family . I had no time to study the Bible for myself except to read a few of the gospels in the new Testament and a few old Testaments lightly as another interesting, sad or miracle Bible stories.

I attended Sunday service only to hear what the Pastor/Headman preached. This same practice went on for a while at schools and also at work, until I did something amazing! I found the TRUTH I didn't know.

Reading The Good Book

I decided to take quality time to study the Bible for myself, compared scripture by scripture, even books of Daniel and Revelation. Many times I compared myself from the Bible with what people taught and preached.

From then on, I discovered that I made many error judgments on people from their outside appearances. I looked at their sins, weaknesses and claims of what I wanted to see. I looked at a few people or church members more than looking unto Jesus through the Bible.

When I personally opened the Scriptures, I realized the Bible was the only truth. It was the only yardstick for measuring Truth. It began to change me.

I began to love all God's people regardless of race or religions. I now thank God for all Christian churches on earth, however I decided to finally join the very church that I hated most in my entire life—the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The Adventist Message upholds the Bible alone as the only yardstick for measuring TRUTH, preaching God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, working in unity to save sinners by God's grace (of whom I am far too worse). I am a worse filthy sinner, failed my God many a times deliberately and I am still struggling to serve my Holy awesome sinless God.

I must honestly admit, however, nothing but the Bible being the only true word of God shall always remain the Truth (John 14:6, Genesis 1:1, John 1:1, John 1:14, John 5:39, John 6:63).

My Words to You

Here is my kind encouragement to my friends and many others like me out there: Search the Scriptures (the Bible) alone for yourselves. Don't believe any person or any churches. Only Jesus will save.

The Bible may hurt you with the Truth but it will never comfort you with a lie. The Bible is not subject to anyone, any persons or any church’s opinion.

Do not let anyone preach or teach what they feel or think but let them preach what only the Bible says—not adding or subtracting anything from the Bible.

More importantly, do not look at people because you will only see their human mistakes and problems. Instead, look into the Bible, there you will meet Jesus personally—the One who took the cruel cross for you, and a lover of worse sinners like me.

I am now 44 years old. I married an Adventist lady and have 5 beautiful children. I became an adventist when I was was a young man, after studying the Scriptures. I am a church elder now and I have been a street lay preacher for many years. I have preached many times in the streets of my country, also ran a lot of meetings in churches and open air meetings, evangelistic meetings in and around my province and around the country.

Now there are many Seventh-day Adventist churches in my village and around my area. Many people have given their lives to God and been baptized, and the church is the fastest growing church in the country.

I still hunger to run more meetings where they are needed, although I am not a trained Pastor. By His grace, I will do it!


Charles Bilsin lives in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea