Losing The Blessing of God

“As a people, we cannot receive the full measure of the blessing of God, while some who occupy leading positions are working against the truth that for years we have held sacred, and obedience to which has brought us what success we have had” (Spalding & Magan, page 341).

 This is a very straight forward quote. It lays it all out on the line.

We as a people cannot have the fullest blessing of God at this time. Why? Because a portion of our leaders are spearheading a rebellious movement, trying to force what God never intended.

 What is this problem? And why is it a big deal?

 Women’s Ordination; the proverbial elephant in the room that is growing by the minute. The elephant that the liberals insist on continuing to feed, to the point of obesity, forcing out all mission mindedness of the church.

 It makes me wonder. Could we have been home in Heaven by now if this controversy would’ve died the first time it was voted on over 30 years ago? Think about it. This controversy has taken up so much of our time and resources. 

Liberals are fighting for their way; to the point where Spectrum Magazine posted an image on their Facebook page, comparing the rebellious unions as synonymous with Daniel’s three faithful friends who refused to bow down to the golden statue of Daniel 3. And all the while mocking President Elder Ted Wilson…

They ought to be ashamed of themselves. Spectrum, I mean.  

I see this push for WO as being akin to Korah and his rebellion against Moses; which, in reality, was rebellion against God, not Moses. Moses was just the front-man who had to deal with the murmuring of the ungrateful people. Elder Wilson and the faithful are those who have to deal with the rebellious movements like WO and the One Project (which has morphed into the Global Resource Collective.)  

It’s rebels like these that are preventing God’s fullest blessing from falling on His languishing church. We are like a snake that becomes so stressed out that it begins eating itself, beginning at the tail.  

When will God bless us as a church? When will the Latter Rain fall? When false shepherds are put away, and these rebellious movements are removed.  

We have work to do. These rebellions must be dealt with using God’s methods. And if God is love, then we need to show this divine character as we deal with these sins. 

Therefore, I plead with my erring brethren across the world church. Drop this rebellious movement of forcing something that God never gave permission for. God created men and women to be different, not less than or superior to the other.

Let us repent while we have time.

Gabriel Taylor writes from Texas.