Adventist University Crackdown On Miniskirts, Jewelry etc... Effective Immediately!

A University in Uganda—Bugema University—yesterday issued an official notice that places a ban on the use of jewelry, make-up, mini-skirts, sleeveless/open tops, colored nail polish, trousers, etc. by female students in the university. The ban is to take effect immediately.

The Bible teaches modesty in dress which condemns the wearing of jewelry, cosmetics and other items that violate the principle of simplicity (See 1 Timothy 2:9, 1 Peter 3:3, 4 and Genesis 35:1-5 etc.). 

The Spirit of Prophecy states,

"To dress plainly, and abstain from display of jewelry and ornaments of every kind is in keeping with our faith" (Evangelism, 269) and "There is a terrible sin upon us as a people, that we have permitted our church members to dress in a manner inconsistent with their faith. We must arise at once and close the door against the allurements of fashion. Unless we do this, our churches will become demoralized. (6T, 648).

As it relates to the standards in our educational institutions she further states,

"No education can be complete that does not teach right principles in regard to dress. Without such teaching, the work of education is too often retarded and perverted. Love of dress, and devotion to fashion, are among the teacher's most formidable rivals and most effective hindrances" (Education 246).

In the light of these principles, it is imperative that SDA Churches and our schools uphold God's standards as it relates to dress. To lower in the standard in any way will compromise the object for what our institutions were raised up for—to train missionaries to herald the 3 Angel's Messages to the world, and to prepare a people to stand firm for God in the Investigative Judgment (see 1MR, 228).    

Recently, Adventist Today published an article entitled, "Uproar As Adventist University in Uganda Bans Miniskirts, Pants, Lipstick and Nail Polish".  Admittedly when I read the title, I was curious to read the article. Lo and behold, Bugema University in Uganda, an SDA University—as of December 2018—is imposing a ban on miniskirts, lipsticks, earrings, and makeup when the next semester begins.

In, the article went deeper into this issue: 

As part of moves at ensuring that students dress decently on campus, authorities at Bugema University in Uganda have restricted female students from wearing miniskirts, lipsticks, earrings, and makeup when the next semester begins.

According to a directive from the management of the university, the above items and others such as sleeveless and open tops, coloured nail varnish, trousers and dresses above the knee line have all been banned.

“No student should come back with the above mentioned next semester. Culprits will face university disciplinary committee for serious action,” an excerpt of the notice, dated December 12, 2018.  And the article continues by stating,  

“We have been taking these students through these rules, especially during their orientations but to our disappointment, some of them end up falling culprits of indecent dressing,” the university dean of students, George Mupaghasi told Ugandan media,  New Vision  in an interview." 

 These standards are not foreign to the SDA Church and our institutions, but due to the lowering of standards over the years, it is a breath of fresh air that such a stand is being taken.  Let's continue to pray for Bugema University as well as all of our SDA Colleges that a revival and reformation among them will happen. Let us pray that those who are willing to hear and obey God's voice will become all that Heaven would have them to be, in preparation for the soon return of Christ and the fulfilling of the gospel commission.

 "No deviation to strict integrity can meet God's approval"----Patriarch and Prophets, 130


“Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious” (1 Peter 3:3-4).

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