The Great Daniel 2 Statue Unveiling in Las Vegas

I live in a small town up in the mountains of Northern California. On Halloween, my street is the most popular with trick-or-treaters.  Each year, an estimated two hundred children from surrounding areas visit our street.

Sure, I don’t approve of Halloween, but you better believe as a soul winner I’m looking for unique ideas and opportunities to share Jesus and His soon return.

In preparation for our last Revelation Seminar, my church rented a 20+-foot-tall blowup statue of King Nebuchadnezzar from Sac Central SDA church. I decided to put it up in my front yard with a flood light shining on it. You could hear the screams of excitement from kids at least three blocks away, as they saw it.

Cars slowed down to view it, people stopped and took selfies in front of it. This gave my family and I a unique opportunity, so we handed out glow sticks and the Amazing Facts magazine called “The Day of The Lord”.  Two weeks later we had it up in front of the church for the Revelation seminar. We had a couple of people that walked into the meeting with no formal invites to the series but they noticed the big statue.


Notice what Sister White has to say in regards to using such methods for soul winning, as she refers to Brother Simpson’s exciting soul winning strategy in these Statements.

“The Lord has been working with Elder S, teaching him how to give to the people this last warning message. His method of making the words of the Bible prove the truth for this time, and his use of the symbols presented in Revelation and Daniel, are effective.—Letter 349, 1906.”

“The labors of Elder S remind me of the labors put forth in 1842 to 1844… 205. He has large lifelike representations of the beasts and symbols in Daniel and the Revelation” { Ev 204.4 - 205}.

“I am pleased with the manner in which our brother [Elder S] has used his ingenuity and tact in providing suitable illustrations for the subjects presented—representations that have a convincing power. Such methods will be used more and more in this closing work” —Manuscript 105, 1906.

This month, for 3 days, a convention in Las Vegas for unity in the understanding of Daniel 11 and the King of the north will be held from May 13th to the 15th. But Don’t let that overshadow the 2 exciting afternoon events of outreach every day in the consisting of a health expo and a Daniel 2 Presentation. It will be held in a 40X80 foot tent capable of seating 450 people in the middle of Alexis Park Resort with the unveiling of a four-story Daniel 2 statue that has been carved out of a trunk of a tree for this event!


Seminar attendees will be spending two hours each day handing out flyer invites. The Health Expo will have 10 separate tents for the 8 laws of health with health screenings along with a children’s program. In the evening the Daniel 2 meetings will be conducted.

We need your help getting the word out to the Las Vegas Residents.

I know that God has given me a gift of using technology and social media. I am able to use Facebook and Google/YouTube advertisement effectively, so I have offered my expertise free for these events. I will be creating engaging ads for Las Vegas residents to receive invites over the social media networks.  We have a donor that is willing to match $1 for $1 up to $400 for this event in Las Vegas for advertising specifically.

It would mean the world to me, church family, if you could help us advertise to the people of Las Vegas for this three-day health-expo and Bible Prophecy events. Just $5 can reach at least 1,200 people.

Donations can be made by credit card or PayPal by clicking the link. Make sure in the comment section to to type in the word “advertisement” so it goes straight to this cause.  

The Statue

 If you would like more info on the Daniel 2 carving and the story of how it was made, check out this website! It will be hauled over the road on a very special huge trailer to Las Vegas, and set up with hydraulics. It’s pretty cool.


Prophecy Seminar & Health Expo

Here is a link to sign up for this exciting three-day event covering the Daniel 11 presentations, handing out flyers, health-expo and Revelation Seminar.

What are you currently doing to sow seeds in this secular culture today that will help get them ready for the soon coming of Jesus? I know that sometimes the soil appears hard, devoid of nutrition or that there are too many weeds. However, God’s end time Church has an end time message to be given to His people. Look for that divine appointment today that Jesus has waiting for you.

“The rise and fall of the four universal kingdoms that were to precede “God’s Everlasting Kingdom,” was illustrated in a very impressive manner, by the aid of a carved image, representing the one described in Daniel 2:32, 33”  (HST May 29, 1844, p. 135.12).


Jerrod Boling is an Iraq War Veteran.  He has been married for 13 years, has four children, a Bachelor's in Human Services, and is a graduate of Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism.  Jerrod has been a Bible worker for several years.  In 2017 he is a full-time Revelation evangelist.  Jerrod is an effective speaker with amazing stories from his military experiences; feel free to contact Jerrod for outreach series' and speaking presentations.