Oakwood University Awards Sheila Jackson-Lee with Black History Award.

Oakwood University awarded outspoken abortion advocate and gay rights activist Sheila Jackson Lee with the "Black History Achievement Award" during their 11 o'clock church service today.

Although the Houston Chronicle stated "I've never heard of a camera that Sheila Jackson-Lee didn't love" it is likely that she will enjoy this award from Oakwood University more than other awards she has received.  For instance, Sheila Jackson Lee has repeatedly won the position of "Meanest Democrat Member of Congress" from the Washingtonian Magazine.  

Some of Shelia Jackson-Lee's achievements in Congress are screaming and cursing at Capitol Police and her staff.  Her use of obscenities is so inappropriate, we will not repeat it here.

A Jackson Lee aide recounts the time her parents came to Washington to visit:

“They were really excited to come to the congressional office. They’re small town people, so for them it was a huge deal. They were actually sitting in the main lobby waiting area….[Jackson Lee] came out screaming at me over a scheduling change.  She called me a ‘stupid idiot.  Don’t be a moron, you foolish girl’ and actually did this in front of my parents, of all things.”  

Jackson Lee is a multi-time champion of abortion, including voting "no" on a proposed ban for partial-birth abortions.  She has also consistently voted in favor of gay rights, receiving a score by the HRC of 100% on gay rights.  She strongly favors homosexual marriage according to her voting record and ballotpedia.org.  

Jackson Lee has always been quick to assign racism as a motive of her political opponents and others. In 1997, for example, The Hill reported that the newly-elected congresswoman asked NASA officials whether the Mars Pathfinder photographed the American flag astronaut Neil Armstrong had planted on the surface of Mars.  When it was pointed out that the flag in question was on the moon, not Mars, Jackson Lee accused them of racial bigotry.  

In 2003, she demanded that more Hurricanes be named with African American-sounding names.

So she is going to be awarded by Oakwood University.  It's embarrassing.  One would think that a person with a public record like this might receive another award--such as being disfellowshipped.  She should be, in my opinion.