South Dakota Stands up to The Transgender Mob

South Dakota this week sent a bill to its governor that would require students to use the bathrooms and showers assigned to their birth genders.

While the liberal left is launching a full-on assault against South Dakota on social media, the parents of that state have spoken.  Their representatives have accepted the time-honored definition of gender and defied the transgender mafia.

Ten years ago, the notion that children’s bathrooms should be gender-based was generally taken for granted.  Nowadays it is a bigoted and outdated principle--according to the moral progressives bent on redefining natural values for our planet.

The transsexual lobby, with growing support from progressive politicians and the entertainment industry, have sought to attack anyone who still believes that boys are boys and girls are girls.  In light of that agenda, it is deeply refreshing to see truth not only believed but implemented.

Time will tell if South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard will sign this bill or cave to the pressures of a thousand angry progressive voices.


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