United Kingdom Gives Students 25 Gender Options.

The Mouse is in the House.

A U. K. government survey conducted in January, 2016 was sent to students aged 13-18 in Brighton and Hove.  The students were told to pick out their gender (or genders) from a list of 25 options.

Among the options were “tri-gender” (having exactly three genders,) “gender fluid” (having your gender change over time,) “demi-boy/demi-girl” (someone who is only partially male/female,) and “all genders” (which would be an infinite number because gender is a spectrum to these academic elites.)  The only thing missing from the list was "leprechaun."  

Here's the "list."

Male, Female, Girl, Boy, Tomboy, (Young) woman, (Young) man, Trans-girl, Trans-boy, Gender fluid, Agender, Androgynous, Bi-gender, Non-binary, Demi-boy, Demi-girl, Genderqueer, Gender non-conforming, Tri-gender, All genders, In the middle of boy and girl, Intersex, Not sure, Rather not say, and Others.

Note:  The "others" option was not included as part of the checklist, but as a fill-in-the-blank box where students could write in absolutely anything that they wanted.  After all, if 24 choices just isn't enough, fire up your imagination.  If you feel like a plate of spaghetti & meatballs, just write it in the box.  The government-sponsored Children’s Commissioner for England will see to it that your new identity is given the proper solemnity.

Another thing missing from this benighted list is "normal", presumably because unscriptural confusion is the new liberal normal.

Some parents objected to the survey, as being bizarre and misleading.  Others claimed that it [the survey] produced “uncertainty and distress" in the minds of all-too-vulnerable adolescents.  But the school’s head teacher, Ashley Harrold stuck by her decision to hand out the survey.

We’re incredibly passionate about ensuring that every student feels safe and welcome at our school, she said.  When it comes to gender identity it is a real and valid concern for a number of students.  For us, anything that prevents students feeling happy, from feeling confident in themselves and from feeling accepted by their peers is something we feel the curriculum should address.  Raising students awareness of the wider spectrum of gender identity is important in building an inclusive and tolerant society.
Transgender activist "Sophie" Cook says "It's important that young people are given the chance to express themselves."

Transgender activist "Sophie" Cook says "It's important that young people are given the chance to express themselves."

There you go, chaps.  Political correctness is running amok in Britain, and from what I understand, the Yanks are not far behind.  It's bonkers.

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