Obama Justice Department Wants to Prosecute Climate Skeptics

The Obama Administration's Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, admitted recently to asking the FBI to investigate the possibility of prosecuting scientists and others skeptical of anthropogenic (human-caused) climate catastrophe.  This is a blatant misuse of power to limit the right to free speech of many American citizens.

Professor Edward Maibach, runs the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University (GMU), and is the guy who actually drafted the RICO 20 letter calling for the legal pursuit of climate skeptics.

They want people who hold a different view on "global warming" prosecuted and punished under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

Their action attempts to coerce, intimidate, slander and silence organizations and scientists who question claims that humans are causing dangerous climate change; shut down skeptic research, speech and publication; destroy skeptics’ funding, businesses and livelihoods; protect alarmist funding, standing and influence; and bankrupt skeptics, who would have to spend personal fortunes responding to a Justice Department that has limitless resources at its disposal.

RICO is used to prosecute underlying patterns or practices of criminal behavior. It defies belief to say questioning claims that humans are causing climate cataclysms — or opposing campaigns against anti-fossil fuels, modern living standards and better lives for billions of impoverished people worldwide — somehow constitutes a “criminal enterprise.”

Contrary to alarmist assertions and computer models, there is still no observational evidence that any climate changes we are experiencing today are different from what our ancestors confronted.  Nor is it clear that changes are now driven by plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide instead of natural forces, nor that they could be prevented by ending fossil fuel use.

So call it what you will, totalitarianism, racketeering, authoritarianism, government abuse, or intimidation, one thing is for sure.  The dragon doesn't appreciate differing opinions.

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