"Meet It" Symposium coming to Dallas/Fort Worth in April

The Fort Worth Northwest Seventh-day Adventist church will host a symposium titled "Meet It" on April 15-16, 2016.

This symposium will reveal the dangers of the Emergent Church movement and expose its inroads into Adventism, along with practical tips on how to avoid it.  

There will be seven presentations to equip you with vital information regarding this dangerous progressive spirituality.  There will also be a panel discussion at 5 PM on Sabbath evening.  Along with the presenters, Fulcrum7's own David Read will be participating in the panel discussion.  It ought to be good!

There will be a fellowship lunch on Sabbath. There will also be a book/DVD sale after sundown on Sabbath evening.  

If you live in the Dallas/Forth Worth area, make plans to attend this exciting event.   

Forth Worth Northwest Seventh-day Adventist Church address:  2705 Biway Street, Forth Worth, TX 76114