Ben Carson Advises Donald Trump to ‘Read the Bible and Pray.’

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has a suggestion for GOP front-runner Donald Trump: Spend some time in the Good Book.

“I would say read the Bible and pray, and learn how to put yourself in other people’s shoes,” Carson said in an interview on WABC Radio Friday when asked what advice he’d offer Trump.

In the interview, Carson, who endorsed Trump after dropping out of the presidential race last month, acknowledged that the billionaire businessman’s campaign would benefit from a few crucial tweaks.  Carson’s main concern seemed to be Trump’s struggle to be transparent.  Carson told WABC’s Rita Cosby that Trump realizes he needs to change his personality to win.

Carson said there are “probably” people better suited to fill the White House and noted Trump’s Twitter habits were a “problem.”

“I think everybody recognizes that getting the required number of delegates is going to be very, very difficult, but it’s still possible,” he said.  “And I think a little bit of tacking more toward the compassionate side as opposed to the tough side would help quite a bit.”

Reading the Bible and praying is always good advice, Ben.  I hope he takes it.

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