Doug Batchelor Speaks in Loma Linda

Hopefully, if you were in the Loma Linda area you got to meet Doug and Karen as he opened the Word at the SDA Academy Chan Auditorium today.  Doug's message was "The Necessity of Holiness" as he spoke for the Advent Hope Sabbath worship service from 10:00 -11:30 at the SDA Academy auditorium. 

It is most refreshing to see Doug Batchelor invited to Loma Linda campus after being proscribed from holding an evangelistic series in Florida--by the Florida Conference's Mike Cauley last year.  

As you may recall, Doug Batchelor had been scheduled for a one-week meeting last fall at the Spring Meadows church in Florida.  Cauley sent a letter to the Spring Meadows Church leaders recommending that they not use Amazing Facts' Doug Batchelor, even though the meeting had been planned over a year in advance.  Though treated unfairly, Doug simply relocated to another church in Michigan and conducted the Heroes of Faith series of meetings there.   

Doug Batchelor is the senior pastor of Granite Bay Church and the president of Amazing Facts.  In addition, he is an evangelist, author, and host of the television program Amazing Facts Presents and the Bible Answers Live radio broadcast.  Doug and his wife Karen have five children and live in Sacramento California.

The next time the liberal Yanks get in a teacup storm over your finest evangelist, send him straight away to England, where we still have several churches that care about the Bible and the Advent Message.  Cauley's interference was an unwashed thumb in the eye of Adventist Evangelism, and one of those shambolic affairs that progressives are so fond of.