NOW President: Even If Fetuses Are Children, Women Should Be Allowed To Kill Them

Terri O’Neill, feminist professor and president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), said she believes women should have the option to abort their unborn babies even if they are considered children.

In an audio recording obtained by The Daily Wire, O’Neill expressed her disdain for the GOP platform, saying it was “quite clear” that Republicans are anti-women, citing GOP criminalization of abortions as evidence.

The audio featured a radio interview between O’Neill and KTTH’s Jason Rantz at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, where the two discussed whether Republican opposition to abortions is anti-women.

“Why do you think Republicans are against abortion?” Rantz asked O’Neill, to which O’Neill responded she thinks the GOP's position is driven by religious mandates which state that “women really need to be controlled by the men in their family and that would include controlling the ability to control their own bodies.”

Rantz told O’Neill that as a Republican, he thinks the opposition to abortions “has to do with whether or not a fetus is considered a life.” He urged O’Neill to look at all sides of the perspective instead of simply assuming Republicans hate women.

“Take religion out of it and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation,” O’Neill said angrily.

O’Neill said she doesn’t care when life begins: “I don’t care."

Since its founding in 1966, NOW has built 550 chapters across the country and advocates for women’s abortion rights and other liberal feminist platforms. The organization has been criticized in the past for its political double standard when it refused to support a woman in her sexual harassment lawsuit against a Democratic politician, while calling for the resignation of a Republican politician who was accused of similar assault. The organization has also been criticized for supporting a discredited rape accusation for the sake of a political agenda.

“We are for women because we’ve always had men in leadership positions and in membership of the organization,” O’Neill said, adding, “We advocate for women’s issues but we are not exclusionary."

They want what they want—unfettered abortion—when do they want it—NOW and forever more.

"When thy father and mother forsake you Then the LORD will take you up" (Psalm 27:10).