Results From NPUC Constituency Vote

In a vigorously contested NPUC constituency meeting in Portland Oregon, John Freedman was elected as president of the Union.  Here's what happened today.

The meeting opened in the usual ways.  North American Division president Dan Jackson was selected to chair the business section of meeting. 

Constituency meeting in session.

Constituency meeting in session.

When the Nominating Committee report was presented to Dan Jackson, there was a request to refer the report back to the Committee from Jim Brackett.  Jim noted that fifty-some pastors in the NPUC were opposed to John Freedman's election ecause of his defiance towards the expressed will Seventh-day Adventist World Church--as seen in the Washington Conference’s New Mission-Focused Leadership Policy that the Conference refused to rescind when challenged by churches in the Conference. The Washington Conference policy is similar to the Upper Columbia Conference 'commissioned minister policy,' which was recently rescinded after strong push-back from local churches in the UCC

 There is an unanswered question about Dan Jackson's handling of the request to refer the report back to the nominating committee.  Generally, when a request is made to refer the report back, the chair simply refers it back.  In this case--while Jim Brackett had the floor--the chair (Dan Jackson) turned to the audience and asked what they wanted to do, inviting other responses into the discussion.  Perhaps a parlimentarian in the Fulcrum7 audience will weigh in on this and inform us if it was procedurally inappropriate.

After some discussion, the motion to "refer back" was voted on.

It failed 36% to 64%.  Then there was a second motion to refer back and that failed 34-66%.  Pretty similar margins so far.

Then Pastor Alvaro Sauza stepped to the microphone and objected kindly to the nomination of John Freedman as president of the NPUC Union.  That vote failed 39-60% although it appeared to be a slightly larger margin against the nomination of Freedman this time.  

Then it was time to vote on the nomination.  When it was over, Freedman was elected by 72% of the constituent vote.   

To each of you who opposed the nomination and election of John Freedman.  You were part of a grassroots movement who pushed back against the imposition of defiance into our church.  You made your voice heard today, and it is a voice worth hearing.  Well done.  Keep going and most of all, keep your eyes on Christ.

"Though the flock may be cut off from the fold, and there be no herd in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation" (Habakkuk 3:17).