Why Is Avondale Fostering Homosexuality?

Our own beloved Avondale College in Australia has had a history (in some way or another) of fostering gay sympathisers and practitioners. 

Recently in a Spectrum online article, David Potter adds his voice to a growing number of high profile leaders who are trying to change the tide of opinion about homosexuality and normalise its acceptance among the Adventist community. 

We know that Spectrum is often used to undermine our biblical doctrines....no news there.....but when a tithe-sponsored institution like Avondale employs those who flaunt their apostate views for all to see, we wonder why there is no repercussions?  There was for Desmond Ford.

We contacted David and asked him how he can be employed by the church and yet espouse such views.  Part of his response is here: 

I am unimpressed by demands that I yield my conscience to “the church.”  This is the Catholic position, a position we have traditionally resisted.  I pray to God we will never yield to this heresy.  Two voices impress me: Scripture and the Holy Spirit—not necessarily in this order.  As a believer, I am committed to taking both very seriously.  You keep banging on about how the Bible is anti-gay.  And I keep trying to help you to see that this is an interpretation--one that I believe to be erroneous. 

Despite Potter's insistence that he is following God, his views are plainly against the church fundamentals on marriage and homosexuality.  Nobody is asking David to defile his conscience but surely the church has the right to demand that its employees (particularly those in positions of educating our young people) adhere to the fundamental beliefs?

David cut us off after we pressed him as to how he can ethically remain employed by an institution that he disagrees with fundamentally.  We pleaded with him to come clean and do the right thing but we feel his long employment with Avondale may have an effect on him disclosing his position fully and being honest with the church. 

We included the Avondale principal Ray Roenfeldt in the conversation and have asked for his comments on this dangerous liaison, but to date we have received nothing from him.  We feel justified in bringing this situation to the church as Avondale and David have refused to take it any further.