Al Sharpton Coming to Speak at Oakwood University Church

Al Sharpton, a well-known community agitator for black people in America is making a visit to Huntsville Alabama on January 29th.

Sharpton will be appearing at the Oakwood University Church as a special guest for what the church describes as a "special worship experience" to kickoff the church's annual Black History Month celebration.

Originally scheduled for Sabbath the 28th of January, the program has been moved to a Sunday Service on the 29th.  On Sabbath yesterday, Oakwood posted this on their Facebook Page:

Given the overwhelming response we have received regarding Al Sharpton's coming to the Oakwood University Church, the date and time of his visit has been moved to Sunday, January 29, at 6:00 pm.  Making this adjustment will afford Activist Sharpton the opportunity to speak and spend more time at the Oakwood University Church.  Please join us or watch online. We will be streaming on Facebook, YouTube, and!

Sharpton has recently spoken out against the nomination of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney and earlier this week said he agreed with U.S. Rep. John Lewis that the election of Donald Trump as president was "not legitimate."

Sharpton is also the founder of the National Action Network, a civil rights organization, and President Obama has described Sharpton as "a voice for the voiceless" and a "champion for the downtrodden."  Sharpton was a frequent guest at the White House during Obama's presidency.  

Not everyone was pleased about Al Sharpton coming to speak at Oakwood University Church.  Here is a comment from a pastor on Oakwood's Facebook page:

"I trust that this is "fake news!" As a Pastor who has been privileged to speak at Oakwood years ago for morning worship I really can't believe that a left wing "race baiter" like Al Sharpton is being welcomed to that pulpit!  Please tell me it isn't true!"

It is true.  Sorry, Pastor.  

We don't know if Al Sharpton is being paid to come to Oakwood.  If so, that money could come in handy in paying off delinquent Tax warrants totaling over $600,000.  As someone who regularly lectures the nation about how rich people need to pay their fair share, it would be just dandy if Sharpton applied the rules to himself as well.