Satan Inside the Church

Meet a beautiful church in the middle of England called St. Andrew Holborn.

It is known for its historical location, charities and daily outreach to the local community for holy communion in what they call “worshipping in the Modern Catholic tradition.”  

They also host paid events such as marriages, choirs, catering and even the dark filming of “Hell Boy 3” in their sanctuary.  To their defense for allowing this demonic movie, they said “This story helps us to encourage an intelligent faith which does not hide from controversy and one that looks for the good inside people no matter their outward appearance”

This beautiful building, once dedicated to the service of soul winning has now become a device for other services than to win souls to His heavenly Kingdome.  Last month, on September 18th, they had an event that helped bring the community and a lot of youth inside the church walls that it wouldn’t normally get.

Moving the pews to the side, a demonic fashion show was put on by a Turkish designer called  Dilara Findikoglu.  I have studied enough Amazing Discoveries to know what I was seeing. From the checkered floor to the sun mural to the Masonic images. If you do your own research of this event, you will find many models dressed like death, half-nude and even one model that was a transvestite in a red suit with goat horns to resemble Satan.  But hey it got the millennials to come into the church!  Success, right?  Or could we be making them “twice as much a son of hell...?”

The church had this to say about the event “We took this booking in good faith and were not aware of the content or design before the show took place.”  

Is there anything that we are allowing in our church, and are taking it in good faith without researching and praying over its actual purpose?  This is how most apostasy happens. Satan slowly steps into our church and then things begin to evolve.  It starts with a lack of leadership and counsel so woman elders are appointed and ordained.  Then, professors in our colleges that are trained through universities like  Fox and Fuller applaud woman’s ordination, and before you know it we have a demonic fashion show taking place in our sanctuary (ie woman’s ordination).

Is there anything in our own personal lives and our church that we are allowing Satan to get footholds into?  I encourage you to pray, abide and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.  Encourage others in their walk with Christ.  

For, “Christ’s methods alone” will bring people into His Body and bring true salvation.


Jerrod Boling is an Iraq War Veteran.  He has been married for 13 years, has four children, a Bachelor's in Human Services, and is a graduate of Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism.  Jerrod has been a Bible worker for several years.  In 2017 he is a full-time Revelation evangelist.  Jerrod is an effective speaker with amazing stories from his military experiences; feel free to contact Jerrod for outreach series' and speaking presentations.