Top 7 Soul-Winning Adventist Apps for 2018

As a Seventh Day Adventist we know that there are very challenging times ahead of us consisting of plagues, natural disasters, wars, a shaking and even persecution.  We also know that knowledge is to increase (Daniel 12:4) right before these times of trial.  This is not just worldly knowledge, but also biblical.  So let us take this time of boot camp and use the resources that we have at hand so that we can be more effective witness during those times of tribulation and sharpen our skills at sharing the love of Christ today.

The following apps are for Android and iPhone devices.  Just go to your app store and download them.  All the apps talked about are free except numbers 5 & 6.  There are many other apps out there, but I wanted to focus on apps for sharing your faith with others.  Apps listed are in no specific order.

Disclaimer: There are many great apps out there such as 3abn, Audioverse and Amazing Discoveries but the apps listed will be primarily be focusing on soul-winning effectiveness from a Gospel Worker’s point of view of a one on one interaction.

“God expects personal service from everyone to whom He has entrusted a knowledge of the truth for this time. Not all can go as missionaries to foreign lands, but all can be home missionaries in their families and neighborhoods.—Testimonies for the Church 9:30.”

1.  Holy Bible King James + Audio by: Tecarta


Let us start this list with a good Bible App.  It was very hard to choose the best one among the thousands out there.  It was a split between this one and MySword, but because this app has many add-ons and the ability to connect hymnals and the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy, this one won.  You want a Bible App that can download the whole Bible so that you will not need internet connection when trying to read the Word.  Also, look for one that can download a concordance so that you can look up the meanings of different words in the Greek and Hebrew.  Split screen is also beneficial when comparing different translations.

Soul-winning example: During your bible study sometimes it is nice to have a digital Bible to help the study that you are having with the person to get some more meat instead of wondering around in the Bible looking for verses


2.  Ellen White


Of course, one would need the powerful Ellen G. White App!  You can download every single one of her books and compilations while using its powerful fast search engine!  You can also download the audio books. 

Soul-winning example: Sometimes I find Sister Whites writings articulate things so beautifully that during the Spirit guided study I find myself paraphrasing what she said to my Bible study friend in my own words.


3.  Scripture Song


Fountain View Academy created this beautiful app to play wherever you are.  You can download the audio Scripture songs and put them on repeat.  You can also download the Spirit of Prophecy quotes that have been put into a song.  You will be amazed how much Scripture you sing to memorization!

Soul-winning example: It is nice to be able to quote verses from memory and gives yourself credibility in the knowledge of the word of God with your Bible Study Friend.  In addition, it is nice to have His word on your heart throughout the day as you seek guidance from the Holy Spirit.


4.  Amazing Facts


Ready to dig deeper?  Amazing Facts has their own app for you so that you can listen to Bible Answers Live, read their small books on difficult subjects on interesting topics and many other ministry tools.  You will also find all the Storacle lessons that I personally use to study with my Bible study friends. Word on the street is that Amazing Facts is working on a new app.

Soul-winning example: Open the Storacle Lesson and start with the first one with your Bible Study Friend.  Ask questions and dig deep into His Word as you help lead them closer to Christ.  Bible studies should take no more than 45-minutes.


5.  Studying Together


As end-time Christians, we should be constantly sharing Gods word.  Have you had some tough questions come up while sharing your faith from the Sabbath to hell fire not burning forever?  Mark Finley has written a book that has been made into a very good app to help you out called “Studying Together.”  It allows one to look up popular questions and gives you great answers.  It also gives you guidance for studying with different denominations.

Soul-winning example: You can use this app to give one on one-bible studies and give an exhausted study on many different topics while defending your faith on the spot.


6.  Pastor's Line


A great app for your cycle of evangelism.  I believe every church should have this very inexpensive Adventist ran app.  Pastors Line is a subscription-based, bulk text system for pastors, evangelists and church communicators, which allows you to connect with your flock and visitors.  Keep in contact with your visitors and engage with them after you get their information from seed planting events.  You can also have a number for people to text to be notified of church events.
With this mobile/pc app, you can send messages to individuals, groups and receive replies to get those divine appointments going.

Soul-winning example: At your next soon coming event use this app to contact the masses and engage those conversations.  Send out reminders.  Also on your church bulletins and projector screen during announcement, use your Pastors Line phone number so that people can sign up to receive church announcements and reminders.


7.  Bible Memory: Scripture Typer


Last but not least is Scripture Typer, you'll memorize scripture by actively engaging three separate cognitive areas: Audio, Visual & Touch memory.  I used this app while at Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism where weekly we were bombarded with many long verses to memorize.  You can also create your own memorization text.

Soul-winning example: Like Scripture Song the importance of memorization is of great importance to end time Christians.


Among a world of distractions, we should be focused on His end-time mission because precious lives are at stake.  We need to become again “The People Of The Book.”  People that not only know the true character of Jesus but can share that character.  No more do pews need to be warmed by idleness but the hearts of man will be warmed by His living Word.  How much hate do we need to have in our own hearts to not share the Gospel to the world and our neighbors?