World Church Affirmation Sabbath Meetings (WCAS)

By Carol Elder/Ritzville WA SDA Church


Thank you SO much for all the prayers on behalf of WCAS!  This Sabbath is a go!

If you’re reading this, please know you are invited to attend our final World Church Affirmation Sabbath (WCAS) of 2017!  Please mark your calendar for THIS Sabbath, December 9. 

WCAS continues to deliver programs and topics that will inspire you to draw closer to the Lord.  As we come together through prayer and fellowship, we pray for transformation and motivation to seek His guidance, to know what His will for our individual lives is in this exciting and closing time of earth’s history.  We seek to help others know how to relate to the current stage we find ourselves standing upon.  How can we be relevant and clear-minded enough to help find solutions!  Come!  Join us.  Let’s work together.     

Following the main program, we will be presenting an opportunity for guests to interact and share ideas and suggestions to help promote Christian truth & unity within our local and world church.  Other topics of discussion will also be included.

As we close out the year let’s be reminded of why WCAS was formed.  You’ll find this meaning in our title – World Church Affirmation Sabbath.  We are here to affirm, uphold, and support the world church, as it works and functions in keeping with the word of God.  We are here to call the constituency to duty, responsibility, and service within our local churches, and our local conferences, according to God’s Word and the words of inspiration given to sister White for such a time as this. 

We began our journey together with the following WCAS themes …

  • FORWARD – With Yesterday in View – May 20
  • FORWARD – In Unity and Faith – September 23

We conclude the year with …

  • FORWARD – With Courage in the Spirit of Peace – December 9

The Church Has One Foundation, and, We Have This Hope are songs purposely chosen.  They beautifully stand as bookends to conclude a high Sabbath, gifting God’s children with focus, steady resolution, and unwavering devotion to the leading of King Jesus. 


Screenshot 2017-12-04 20.23.20.png
Screenshot 2017-12-04 20.29.47.png

It’s been an exciting year!  We look forward to 2018 and covet your prayers. 

The time is now more than ever before to consider our priorities in life.  Jesus needs us.  He desires our time.  Nothing can be more important than Jesus.  When we turn to Him all our concerns are taken care of, for He holds all things in His hands.  Even our world church.  Be encouraged!    

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The meetings at Stateline SDA Church will be live-streamed!

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