Tim Roosenberg Seminar on Prophecy May be Cancelled By Florida Conference

[Editor Update: The Roosenberg Prophecy Series was just cancelled by Florida Conference leaders on Friday afternoon, 2-3-2017.  It appears that the public can no longer be directly advised by the church of all elements of the three angels’ message--at least in Florida.]


Tim Roosenberg is scheduled to conduct a "Islam & Christianity in Bible Prophecy" series at the Daytona Beach Seventh-day Adventist Church.

This series was to last 10-nights (February 17-26) and present our exciting Bible prophecies in light of current events.  I chose the word"was" intentionally.   The series was just cancelled by the Florida Conference.

Apparently, both the Florida Conference and the Florida Hospital System found the Roosenberg flyer advertising the prophecy series "offensive."  There is pressure from leaders in Florida to require all evangelists and seminars to conform to the NAD Mission Statement, which essentially downplays the distinct warnings given in the Advent Message.  The new NAD focus is "Hope & Wholeness" which apparently some find incompatible with the warnings in our message.

The Florida Hospital feels that our Advent prophetic messages may harm their business if presented within so many miles of their hospital(s).  That leaves only two options, rebrand our message with the "offensive" parts carved out, or don't present them within a specified distance of an AHS facility.  It will be interesting to see if political-correctness prevails in this situation.  If it does, expect to see elevated pressure across the NAD to make our evangelistic seminars conform to the whims of progressive-minded leaders.

That this kind of censorship is originating in Florida, is unsurprising considering the way that Florida Conference President Mike Cauley banned Doug Batchelor from presenting a Prophecy series there in October 2-10 of 2015.  Still stinging from the General Conference Session vote outcome on July 8th of that year, Cauley "discouraged the Spring Meadows SDA Church from following through with the invitation to Doug Batchelor" (a series that had been planned for over a year).  It was both childish and vengeful.  Even worse, it was an unwashed thumb in the eye of Adventist evangelism--evangelism that has given so much to the church in the last 60-years. 

We will keep you posted on the outcome of this Roosenberg Series.  Until then, you can keep Tim Roosenberg's ministry and all the faithful believers in Florida in your prayers.