Amazing Facts Presents Evangelistic Seminar In Sanford Florida

On February 17--25 of this year, Doug Batchelor presented the Prophecy Encounter Seminar series at the Spring Meadows Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sanford Florida.  This series lasted nine nights.

From four different accounts of people who were there, the meetings were a real success.  I spoke with a very upbeat Pastor Frank Ottati today about the meetings and he had this to say:

"The meetings were a tremendous blessing!  We could tell that God was here.  Doug presented the powerful truths of the Everlasting Gospel in a calm but spirit-filled manner.  People were drawn to Jesus!" 
  • Pastor Frank is holding a special baptismal class for the individuals who responded to the call of Christ.  Pray for them, that the Word of God will dwell in them richly.
  • On March 11, there will be a special baptism at Spring Meadows for these dear souls.
  • There were 1453 people who registered for the meetings.  On both Sabbaths there almost 2000 people in attendance.
  • There have been 37 decisions for baptism at Spring Meadows, and many more around the world through the seminar livestream.
  • Amazing Facts found the Spring Meadows Church to be extremely well-organized and supportive of the meetings.
  • The Spring Meadows Church had prayer groups praying fervently around the clock 10 days before these meetings started.  Prayer works!
  • The Prophecy Encounter programs are being edited for distribution with the Amazing Facts new Study Guides.  One person said "The presentation on the Mark of the Beast was the most powerful presentation I have ever seen."  View presentations here
  • Several people said they had been listening to Doug for years on the internet and drove a good distance to attend these meetings.  One nine year old boy wanted badly to meet Doug and when he did all he could do was hug him (and get his picture taken with him). 

One couple, Ken and Donna (who work at the Florida Hospital) attended the meetings and were drawn to the uplifted Christ and His prophetic truths.  They came with a good understanding of the Bible (through their Church of God background), and left with an unforgettable fuller picture.  They will be baptized too on March 11.

As you may know, these meetings got off to an unusual start when they were unexpectedly cancelled in 2015.  Then two years later, they finally happened and God really, truly blessed! The meetings were so successful that there is already talk of another series in 2018.  It ought to be good!

Walk with the King, and be a blessing!