Letters to The Editor

We receive lots of mail here at Fulcrum7, and we thought you might enjoy a sample of letters we have received recently:   

Hello Fulcrum7,
I want to say that I have been blessed by the articles, news, and discussion on Fulcrum7; a forum that I turn to often for news and when I need to restore my sanity (smile).   I am honored to even be considered to write an article for your forum;  In fact, I was just telling the church this past Sabbath that I would love to write an article on fulcrum7.  It must be the Spirit at work, because your email came the next day.  DM

Dear staff,

I found this website once I stumbled upon the article about The One Project. It's refreshing to see truthful articles in the web-sphere.

I blog from time to time and wondered how you go about selecting articles. Please let me know if you are looking for new material.  SR

Subject: Thank You
Message: Thank you for your excellent timely and articles. I first started to read your articles on Advindicate, but I'm finding Fulcrum 7 to be far superior, now. Thanks again.  AK

Subject: Typo in your article of a word that is copyrighted
Message: You quote and state that it is found in an article in Facebook but neglect to "see" how the name "Facebook" is spelled. It is NOT two words: Face Book, it is a copyrighted protected name that is spelled as ONE WORD "Facebook" and the "f" in Facebook is always capital. Seriously? Do you proof what you write? Do you even care? Do you not think there might be someone out there that actually reads what you write and knows how things should be written?  MD
[Editor's response]:  Every now and then an editor misses something.  Sorry for offending you.  We fixed it.

 Have a great week!

Subject: your logo

Message: Across the numeral 7 are two waves, stripes, bars. Why aren't there three (3) for the three angels messages? Why just 2? !!!  RM

[Editor's response]:  Dear Sir, The ’7’ you refer to is a combination of F and 7.  God bless.


Subject: Send Me Your Articles

Message: I am an adventist in Zambia, Southern Africa, In Zambia we are aginst women ordination and gay Marriages. Send me your articlea so i could be abreast with latest developments.  WT

Message: Dear Brother Read,

thank you for Your excellent article Theodicy and the Problem of Evil http://www.fulcrum7.com/apologetics/2016/3/26/theodicy-and-the-problem-of-evil.
I was a confessional Lutheran,but I have discovered the Adventist theolgy.And Your areticle was a very important thing for me.The Cosmic Conflict view is a great teaching that males Christ message clear for us.
It is a great task for every Adventist to preserve the authentic Adventist theology ans see it as a great jewel discernig this theology from others.And I think this authentic theology shows the true teaching of the Scripture.  MS

Subject: Nice news... but...

Message: Dear brothers, I am really enjoying the news that you are providing... much needed!
But I am concerned about the light "Spectrum style" attitude that "Church Mouse" used in his article "The Defiance continues: News from the NAD Front," dealing with these heart breaking situations. SC

[Editor response]  We agree and thank you for your concerns.  The Mouse has been admonished and  he has repented in cheesecloth & ashes.  God bless!

Subject: Church Mouse Column

Message: I thought the church mouse column today was very good. I wanted to print it to send to my daughter. Can you send it to me? I was disappointed to see it down. It was a straight forward presentation of what is happening and I thought important. I understand that you don't want complaints but I would appreciate it if you could send it to me personally.
I really appreciate your site and the authors that you have contributing. Very straight forward, but kind and inspiring.
Thank you for your efforts in keeping "the banner lifted high". Trying times for sure. SL

Dear Fulcrum7:

I thought your first article really laid out what is at stake in accommodating gay theology. People should clearly be able to see what they are doing. Disguarding God's counsel. I really will appreciate this being out there and helping people choose who they serve.. God or self. WB

From the Fulcrum7 staff:

Feel free to send articles, news tips and comments to Fulcrum7 here.  This is the forum where the SDA grassroots gets to have their say.  It is you, the people, who make up the Adventist church, and your voice is a voice worth hearing.  Your hopes, struggles and convictions are shared by the majority of SDA brethren around the world, and together we are stronger.  

Thanks to all of you for reading, supporting us in prayer, or sending us occasional news tips, articles and testimonies.  We haven't asked for money, but should you wish to contribute to Fulcrum7, you can do that here.  We have some new features coming online.

For many years, 'progressives' have sought to influence our church in ways that distance us from the faith of our fathers.  These progressive agendas often flourish because they are done "behind the curtain."  It is our goal at F7 to pull that curtain aside occasionally, and allow the light of truth to expose unfruitful works of darkness, and motivate all of us to repentance and a closer walk with Christ.  This is a necessary work, but it is not to be done rashly, or without love.  Let us encourage one other as we see That Day approaching--then together we may see Jesus' Return.