The Ugly Truth About North Korea

Yeon-mi Park defected from North Korea to China in 2007, with her ailing father and mother and sister.  They had had enough of North Korea.

Park and her family escaped North Korea by crossing the border into China.  On the night of 30 March 2007, with the aid of human traffickers, Park and her mother crossed a frozen river and three mountains to get into the Chinese border. 

Park and her mother found a Christian shelter headed by Chinese and South Korean missionaries in the port city of Qingdao, China.  Due to the city's large ethnic Korean population, they were able to evade the attention of authorities. With the help of the missionaries, they took a chance and fled to South Korea through Mongolia.

In February 2009, after receiving aid from Christian missionaries, Park and her mother journeyed to Mongolia to seek asylum from South Korean diplomats, traveling through the Gobi Desert.  They eventually arrived in South Korea, and their whole world changed.

Having won her freedom, Yeon-mi Park is an outspoken critic of human-trafficking and sex trafficking.  Her amazing story is here:


Pray for the people of North Korea.  Pray that they will know freedom.  Pray that God will either change the hearts of the Kim regime, or that His wrath will rise up against them.  Most importantly pray the people of North Korea would be given access to the Everlasting Gospel and would come to know the love and salvation that can only be found in Jesus Christ (John 17:3).