World Church Affirmation Sabbath, Stateline, Oregon Church

Two laity-led events, entitled “World Church Affirmation Sabbath,” were held simultaneously in Chewelah WA and Stateline OR Churches (Upper Columbia Conference) on May 20, 2017.  From 3:00-5:30pm attendees were blessed with powerful messages from lay-speakers speaking on the theme of “Forward – With a View to the Past.”

Although Stateline Church is a relatively small, we were able to accommodate over 260 including an overflow.  One attendee commented, “When people begin to park on the lawn, we know there will be a full house.”  Even the lawn was full for this first WCAS.

The first six speakers, in 15 minutes presentations, spoke pointedly to the importance of remembering our God-led history, correct Biblical interpretation, the importance of Ellen G. White’s messages, difficulties our church is encountering, sharing the gospel and unity in the church.

The event concluded with a powerful message from Kim Kjaer, in affirmation of the world-wide church of Seventh-day Adventists, the need for us to be well-versed in the Scriptures and to remain focused on the importance of sharing the Three Angels Messages with the world as Christ bade us to do.

The Friendship Center was then opened.  The gracious ladies of Stateline Church provided a light supper for all attendees, followed by a Q & A time opening conversation about the event and a discussion of the principles we are sharing.

Responses from the laity to the WCAS event were ALL positive according to our response questionnaires.  Their comments of many “thank you’s,” “praise the Lord” and “exceptional!” were gratefully received. Their suggestions have given us a multitude of ideas to build on as we plan for future meetings.  One powerful comment shared was, “I believe this is the start of the layman’s movement Ellen White writes about that will go through the Loud Cry.  My heart is uplifted.”

Because the laity is scarcely heard, WCAS was formed to give a voice to those who sit in the pews, to encourage greater active participation by members in all phases of church organization, to affirm the world church and its decisions, and to uplift Christ as our only source of Salvation.

At a time when affirmation is rarely heard for the world church, WCAS lends its voice and encouragement to lay-members in conferences, unions and divisions around the world.  It is time to stand and let our voices be heard, to support the Christ-built pillars of Adventism, to affirm the World Church of Seventh-day Adventists and our Christ-led leaders.

WCAS will be happy to share direction in planning events like this in other conferences where the laity choose to become active, further the work of our world church and our world mission.

Check out our website at and Facebook page at World Church Affirmation Sabbath. 

Good things are happening!

Janet Neumann

Janet Neumann