We Are The Church and We Want Change

This video is produced by Australia & New Zealand members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  Participants in this video are supporters of Gary Kent and It Is Written Oceania, and send it out to the leaders and members of the SDA Church. 

Gary Kent (Australian equivalent of John Bradshaw) was recently fired by South Pacific Division leadership, who have yet to produce a rational reason why they did so.  

Fulcrum7 had barely heard of Gary Kent before his unjust termination on May 15 of this year. Since then, we have become aware of the situation down under, and deeply sympathize with our faithful people in Australia who are justifiably calling for leadership change in the SPD.

What we have been able to gather (after speaking with numerous individuals who are close to the situation) is that the SPD has a long history of being overly controlling.  They (SPD) also appear to be trying to rebrand Adventism into their own liberal image.  Here's the video: