A Call For Accountability And Discipline

Are you concerned about things you see happening within your local church, school, university, conference, union and our North American Division?

Do you see actions taking place, sermons being preached, lectures being given, articles being published, classes being taught, and new approaches to interpreting Scripture being endorsed that do not support the Biblical beliefs and values of the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

Are you surprised that those who support the world church are marginalized and silenced in local conferences, unions, and the North American Division?

Have you felt helpless wishing that you could make a difference in the church but have lacked an avenue to share with leadership whom you feel would care?

Have you wondered what you could possibly do all by yourself?

You have a voice!  

And you are not alone.  Separated we are weak, but when we as faithful Seventh-day Adventist members unite together in support of Biblical truth we can make a difference.

A new website has been established by Seventh-day Adventist laypeople, entitled UnityInTruth.com.

The mission of Unity In Truth is to promote loving, Christlike accountability in the Seventh-day Adventist church that we may truly reflect Christ to a world in darkness.  We encourage leadership and laity alike to faithfulness to our message and mission, thereby hastening the return of Christ.

The purpose of this site is to act as a resource and avenue for concerned faithful Seventh-day Adventist members to unite and share their concerns with our leadership in an organized and effective manner on relevant issues.  UnityInTruth.com not only aspires to educate on current issues, but more importantly, to give faithful church members something they can do about it.  The hope is to connect the bridge between leadership and laity.

The first issue being addressed on UnityInTruth.com is the insubordinate actions of various NAD leaders, who have acted in direct opposition to the 2015 world church vote in San Antonio with regards to female ordination.  This issue will be addressed at the upcoming Annual Council in October and much is at stake.

The reason why this is the first issue undertaken on UnityInTruth.com is because it is an urgent issue.  If these insubordinate actions of NAD leaders go unchecked, then we set a precedent for all world church votes becoming useless.

The page dedicated to this issue provides a long list of the many open rebellious actions from NAD leaders.  A few such actions are:

  • The illegitimate female ordinations listed in our union and church magazines which promote women’s ordination.  
  • Defiant entities which vilify the GC for asking them to respect the world church decisions.
  • A couple of Unions and Conferences who decry the world church for asking Division, Union, and Conference leaders to make sure those entities under them are in compliance with world church policy.

Afterwards, statements quoted from the Church Manual and GC Working Policy outline the reasons why all members who truly support the world church have a duty to speak up about this issue. 

This internal fight is wearing the church down and hindering its evangelistic mission.  It is discouraging faithful members and paving the way for other compromises with worldly culture, such as the acceptance of homosexuality in Seventh-day Adventist churches, and challenging how we interpret Scripture.  If you change your hermeneutics, you’ve changed your church. 

UnityInTruth.com is about action.  And in line with this core value, a call to action is given at the end of the page.  Two options are given and users are encouraged to act on at least one but preferably both.  Let's think honestly, and then let's act! 

The first call is for faithful members Division-wide to send a letter (sample) or an email to the General Conference Executive Committee and its chair, Elder Ted Wilson sharing your concerns.  The point is to request for the GC to require all Division, Union, and Conference leadership to be brought into full compliance all world church decisions, and to call for the replacement of all leadership who have knowingly violated this decision.  Directions are given on the site of how to do this; both physical and email addresses are provided.

The second opportunity is the option to sign a Petition which makes the exact same appeal. The goal is to get 1,000 letters or emails, and 10,000 petition signatures sent to the GC by early September in preparation for the Annual Council Session in October.

Don’t forget, we are the church.  And if you don’t want to see your church sanction rebellion and plummet into further apostasy, you need to lift your voice to your leaders.  Now we have an open channel to do this together --- UnityInTruth.com

Of course, for lasting change NAD church members should see that they elect officers in their own Conferences and Unions who are faithful to the Advent Message and supportive of the World Church.

By: UnityInTruth Team