The Results Are In: SDA Accountability Survey

On August 1, 2017,  Fulcrum7 launched a Survey on Church Accountability.  The survey lasted 40-days, and was open to members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Participants could choose between two answers: 

  • Defiant Conferences & Unions should be disciplined
  •  I do not believe these entities should be disciplined


  • Defiant Conferences & Unions should be disciplined   95.1%
  • I do not believe these entities should be disciplined     4.9%


  • Sample size was 500 adults participating.  All votes are confidential.
  • I participated in the Survey; David Read did not (he was probably concerned about jeopardizing his future ability to work for the NAD).  None of my family members or church members participated.
  • Judging from the geographic diversity of the responders, this Survey had widespread circulation.
  • As Fulcrum7 is conservative site, the results probably reflect a more conservative audience---no way to know for certain though.
  • There were many names that we didn't recognize.
  • People voting twice had their superfluous vote deleted (there were only a handful).
  • The second vote in the Survey was from Australia, the second-to-last vote was also from Australia.
  • Due to the overwhelming support for discipline & accountability of several defiant Unions & Conferences, it strikes me that a failure to do so would undercut accountability in the local churches, possibly leading to a climate of ecclesiastical anarchy.  This would ultimately damage these Conferences and Unions' ability to lead in their own areas---thus discipline would work for their own good.


To each of you who participated in the survey, thank you.  Each of your votes were carefully  counted, and are appreciated.  Have a great week!