Southwestern Union Expresses Disappointment Over Compliance Document

Not to be outdone by the NAD, PUC and Columbia Union, the Southwestern Union also released a Statement regarding the Compliance Document Policy that was voted in Battle Creek.


  • So far, the Unions and Conferences that have been troubled by the prospect of accountability are those in more permissive Western Cultures—predominantly in North America. Unions and Conferences in other parts of the world are much less fearful about accountability.

  • “The vote was a disappointment to many of us (implied majority), as officers of the Southwestern Union.” What these relatively small number of “officers” do not acknowledge, is that there are thousands of faithful Seventh-day Adventist church members in their Unions that do not have a problem with accountability. Nor are they supportive of the AdFeminist agenda to erase the biblical distinctions between male & female roles in their Church. You do not speak for these censored thousands, and suppressing their voice will bring them—one day—to speak against you and your ‘leadership.’

  • The myth of centralization (and it IS a myth) is explained away by Mark Finley in this excellent article.

  • The Southwestern Union statement alludes somewhat ominously to the oncoming NAD Year-end meeting and how they may “address this recent development.” We will also be watching that meeting and report on it, as we did last year when they colluded to shut down the motion of a young man from Canada.


“When pride comes, then comes shame; But with the humble is wisdom” (Proverbs 11:2).