Our Problem With Authority

On November 10, Alistair Huong preached a message on authority at the Collegedale Korean SDA Church. Alistair is the Executive Director of AudioVerse.

The premise of the sermon is that our attitude towards authority will ultimately determine our destiny. Some quotes:

“Authority has become a bad word in our society today. It is placed in opposition to our ideas of individuality.”

“Accepting authority in our lives now is a sign of weakness…” (cultural perspective).

“Authority is the core issue in the Great Controversy.”

“Lucifer wanted to usurp God’s authority.”

“Genuine rebellion is a disease that is incurable.”

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Closing thoughts

“Who is your final authority?”

“I don’t want seeds of rebellion in me.”

“Lord, I want to to place you and your representatives in the rightful sphere of influence and authority in my life.”


Alistair, with his love for studying the Bible, has had the opportunity to travel widely, speaking and sharing the truth with young people nationally and internationally. Having completed degrees at Ouachita Hills College as well as Southern Adventist University, he currently serves as the Executive Director of AudioVerse.  He resides in Collegedale, TN with his wife, Deborah.