A Female 'Minister' in Action

The “Reverend” Susan Rothenberg, a Presbyterian minister, took the occasion of President Trump’s visit to Pittsburgh to scream at him from a distance, telling him that he was not welcome.

President Trump was visiting the Tree of Life Synagogue to pay his respects after a mass shooting that killed 11 people, when Rothenberg, who lives a half block away, began screaming at Trump from a distance that he was not welcome in her Squirrel Hill neighborhood.

“You only care about you! You are not welcome on my street! These are my neighbors that were killed! You are not welcome in Squirrel Hill! Do you understand that?”

Oddly, she screamed, “we welcome everybody here,” but then seconds later also screamed, “You’re not welcome here.”

She seemed oblivious to the logical contradiction in her statements.

On her website, “Reverend Suz,” Rothenberg describes herself as “a leader in the Unglued Church Project and an at-large member of Pittsburgh Presbytery” who formerly served as pastor in a small church in the city. The Unglued Church Project was funded by the Presbyterian Church USA to help churches “redefine their mission as they face the tsunami of change in our culture.”

It seems Reverend Rothenberg herself has come unglued.

If this is what females in ministry end up doing, we don’t need them in the SDA Church

WTAE Pittsburgh video