Founder Of Queer Theology Says Jesus Is Polyamorous

Brian G. Murphy, a gay Christian activist who is also co-founder of theology website Queer Theology, claimed Tuesday that Jesus is polyamorous and it is a biblical relationship model that Christians can pursue.

"I'm a Christian and I'm polyamorous. I'm also kind of a slut. The reclaimed empowering kind of a slut -like Jesus," Murphy declares in a new video while adding that Jesus' polyamory goes beyond the "personal relationship idea."

The Queer Theology co-founder who grew up evangelical Christian in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, said he made the video to help other Christians come out as polyamorous to their church or help them accept that "marriage can be polyamorous."

"Jesus is polyamorous. We know this already if we don't think about it or put it in those terms. If you're one of those Christians who believe in having a personal relationship with Jesus, well Jesus is having personal relationships with billions of other people. He's kind of a relationship slut," Murphy argues.

He then points to Ephesians for what he claims is evidence supporting his theology.

"In Ephesians 5, Paul specifically uses the word 'marriage' to refer to Jesus' relationship with us. Repeatedly, Paul reminds us that Jesus gave himself for us. Us. The church, which Paul describes as the whole body of believers. In this marriage, Jesus isn't married to one person. He's married to the entire body of believers. Jesus is in a pan-sexual, polyamorous relationship with us. And so of course Christians can be polyamorous. It's a biblical model of relationships," he continued.

Murphy then says that relationships people have with God can be a model for their romantic and sexual relationships as well.

"We already recognize that God's love for us, isn't diminished by God's love for others and that each of us can have a unique transcendent relationship with the divine .... You know how you feel when something good happens to someone you care about? When your friend, child, neighbor, co-worker connects with the divine? That's how I feel when my partners date or meet someone new or are just head over heels for someone else. How beautiful, how majestic that they get to have more love in their life?" he said. "And how exciting that someone else gets to experience the amazingness of my partner."

Abominable Moral Deception

Polyamory is not marriage. In no sense is a marriage supposed to be open to sexual activity outside of the marriage.

Polyamory is schizophrenic lust. There is nothing loving about it. This perversion of marriage is confirmation that 'every intention of the thoughts of our hearts is only evil continually,' and that, without God, 'everyone does what is right in his own eyes' (see Genesis 6:5 and Judges 21:25).

Emergent Church and Social Justice leader, Shane Clairborne

Emergent Church and Social Justice leader, Shane Clairborne

The promotion of polyamory among liberal Christian groups is not new. Earlier this year, Shane Claiborne and the group Red Letter Christians spearheaded what was called "The Lynchburg Revival."

That “revival” wasn’t a revival at all, but an anti-Trump, anti-military, pro-LGBT, pro social-justice rally, according to author Chelsen Vicari, who attended.

Author and LBGT activist Brandan Robertson proclaimed at the event that LGBT Christians "are already the church" and did "not need to wait to be included." He urged fellow LGBT individuals to exhibit grace and truth "even when the church still has a hard time acknowledging our existence."

"Being on the fence about [LGBT] inclusion is not an option," Robertson asserted. "Because at the end of the day this isn't a question of theological disagreement, but about human rights and dignity."

"Silence is complicit in oppression. Indifference is the grease on the mechanisms of marginalization. It's time to take up your cross and follow Christ."

Robertson also co-led a seminar titled "LGBTQ+ Christians and Their Allies." One man who attended reported that he was shocked to hear a young woman get up and defend polyamorous relationships during the Q&A. Others in the room nodded approvingly and "Mhmmed" as she spoke.

According to Newsweek Magazine, Polyamory is “The next Sexual Revolution.”

According to the Bible, “The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness….Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen” (Romans 1: 18, 24-25).