New EGW ² App Goes Gender Neutral

The Ellen White Estate released a new app of EGW's writings in December of last year.

The Good

It has a new interface and supports several new languages.
It has a widget screen option through which you can access different elements of the SOP.
It has devotions.
You can swipe left or right to move through chapters (a nice feature).
It has an audio feature so you can listen to an audio recital of the Book or chapter you are interested in.
It's free!

The Questionable

The White Estate apparently succumbed to political-correctness and tried to make some SOP compilations "gender neutral."  On several of the devotionals it says:

Most of the texts used at the beginning of the daily readings are quoted from the NKJV, but a few have been taken from the NRSV because in these texts gender-inclusive language sets forth more precisely  the meaning of the Bible writer.  For the same reason, without making any change in Mrs. White's thought this book uses inclusive language where it is clear that Ellen White meant to include both males and females in a passage.  

Assigning to themselves the ability to know what she meant, the White Estate reinterprets passages such as this one in Homeward Bound 213.3

"The greatest want of the world is the want of men and women who will not be bought or sold, those who in  their inmost souls are true and honest...."

Though perhaps well meaning, the question arises "What if Ellen White meant her statement just as she wrote it, after being shown our anti-typical modern era of Isaiah 3:12?"  After all, she lived her life of 87-years quite well without political correctness, and presented the truths that God gave to her in a straightforward convicting manner. 

All in all, a good app.   We could do without the Political Correct 'polish' in some of the devotionals however.