YouTube Channel Encourages Kids to Believe That Abortion is Part of God's Plan

Can you imagine the audacity and complete lack of shame that is required to use social media to brag about abortion – to children?

That’s just what one abortion activist has done. And, sadly, she is gaining worldwide notoriety for creating the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion.

Big Abortion and Planned Parenthood have spent years trying to normalize abortion and indoctrinate children.

So, the billion-dollar, taxpayer supported industry must be ringing its collective bloodstained hands with excitement over a viral video featuring abortion feminist Amelia Bonow who emphatically tells kids that abortion is completely acceptable.

Bonow has appeared all over the internet, television, and even in the pages of Oprah’s magazine, to normalize abortion.

Now she’s appearing on HiHo Kids, a children’s YouTube channel, talking about her abortion experience and blatantly, brazenly lying to young people by telling them that abortion is normal and any opinions they hold against aborting babies is wrong.

When a teenage girl asks her about the abortion procedure, Bonow compares it to an unpleasant dentist appointment, and states that an abortion just “sucks the pregnancy out”. Excuse me, what? Sucks the pregnancy out? No – no, it sucks a baby’s life out.

Multiple times Bonow goes out of her way to try and justify having made poor decisions, rather than admitting her behavior was reckless, that her choices had consequences, that having an abortion was wrong, and telling these impressionable young minds that they should avoid making similar choices. In fact, Bonow admits that her behavior was a “short cut.”

One young girl asks Bonow “Why did you have an abortion?” Bonow casually responds, “A few years ago I got pregnant, and I really didn’t want to have a baby.” That’s it. She just didn’t want a baby.

The only time Bonow shows any semblance of remorse about her behavior is when she states that she and her partner were “both, like, bummed out that [she] got pregnant.” She shows no remorse about choosing to get pregnant in the first place by knowingly engaging in activity that leads to pregnancy; no remorse about her choice to kill her unborn child. Are you surprised that someone who has decided that sex outside of marriage is fine, has also decided that killing someone who results from that sin is perfectly fine? I thought not.

When one boy asks why she wouldn’t put the baby up for adoption, Bonow makes the curious statement: “I feel like if I am forced to create life, I have lost the right to my own life.”

When asked how she thinks God feels about abortion, Bonow tells the young man, “I think it’s all part of God’s plan,” as she smirks, laughs, and credits her “smart” insight to the rapper, Drake.

Bonow also states that she “feels” like a baby isn’t alive until its born. Well! I guess that must make it true; someone’s feelings equate scientific fact, right? And morality is determined by feelings, right?

Well. No.

”Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7).