"By The Word" Scriptural Music, By Neville Peter

With all the compromises we are seeing in Christianity today, I believe that there is no better time for an album of Scripture songs than now. Neville Peter has compiled a new album of sacred music, where each song is taken from a Bible passage. We hope you are inspired and comforted by this music as we have been.


Here is the link where the album can be purchased. The album can also be sampled from this page as well — you can listen to it before purchasing.

“Today, Christians come in all forms with varying degrees of commitment. You have your conservative Christian, your Liberal Christian, your Social Justice Christian and your New Age Christian. How did this happen? Would the apostles of early Christianity recognize the church of today? If any of them could see what the church has become, what would they say?

I have heard that it has been said by some Theologians that the Bible should not be taken literally. I must say that hearing these things brings me great sadness, because according to Jesus, the Word of God is the final authority for all believers. According to the Bible, we are saved by grace through faith. How can we have faith if we don’t believe what God says and if we really don’t believe, how then are we saved?

What is the basis for faith when the word of God is laid aside? Who can we trust? The only other option is ourselves. If we believers begin to trust in ourselves, how then can we be distinguished from unbelievers? Haven’t we humans had thousands of years to work out all the problems we have created for ourselves and how much closer are we to solving our problems?

The Bible provides us with keys to better living. In it there is counsel for better relationships, better health and even for better money management. The Bible provides us with insight into the future and how to prepare for the troubling times ahead. It is truly God’s answers to all our questions regarding life.

Most of these songs were taken from scriptures that will be familiar to you, but there are some which are not as common. My prayer is that while you listen, you will find that the music will make it easier for you to commit these verses to memory. As you hide the Word of God in your hearts, you will find that He will become more and more real to you and you will find that there is no other way to accept the Word of God than to take it literally.”

Neville Peter

May the Peace of God which passes all understanding guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

Music Soft, Sacred, and Soulful