Pennsylvania Man "Traffic Circles Could Be causing All These Tornadoes"

A couple times a year, Fulcrum7 publishes a sightly lighthearted news item, and it’s that time again. Enjoy!

Pennsylvania has seen an unusually high number of tornadoes already this year, including one which recently touched down in Bucks County. Ohio and Indiana had numerous tornadoes on May 27.


Scientists aren't exactly sure what's behind the uptick, but one Pennsylvania resident has a theory: traffic circles.

Somehow, this is what a White Haven resident came up with when he called into WNEP's "Talkback 16" segment, in which viewers call the Central Pennsylvania television station and leave voicemails with their opinions on the topics of the day.

And here's the caller's full theory, written out:

"We didn't have tornadoes here until we started putting in the traffic circles. Cause, on account of the -- you wanna know why? When people go round and round in circles, it causes disturbance in the atmosphere, and causes tornadoes."

The segment picked up steam on social media Sunday, and then again Wednesday. Here's hoping the momentum from all those retweets doesn't start another tornado. It could, you know.

We are also looking into Nascar and auto racing as a possible contributing factor. Ohio and Indiana had a significant tornado outbreak just ONE DAY after the Indianapolis 500 this year. Boom!


“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” (Proverbs 17:22).