NAD Pushes Female Clergy Pin For 2019 Pathfinder Camporee Attendees

Whatever one’s attitude toward liberalism, it’s difficult to ignore that it is tremendously mischievous in its attempts to gain control of the youth of an organization.

Through the combined efforts of the One Project, the Celebration movement, and more recently the Growing Young Movement, hundreds of youth leaders around the NAD are targeting college and high school age Adventist youth with the liberal agenda of the North American Division.

Wherever there is a gathering of Adventist young people, you can be reasonably sure that there are forces working to impart the prevailing liberal agenda of progressive Adventism into the imaginations of these young people. This is happening with considerable success in our Adventist Universities—which have been almost completely arrogated by the NAD liberal agenda. And there’s more.

The NAD Ministerial has developed a set of Pathfinder pins to distribute to the thousands of young people who will attend the upcoming August 12-17 Camporee in Oshkosh. Here they are:

Take note of the pink one. The message is clear. Scriptural directions on male leadership are oudated—replaced by a unisex modern version. The NAD commentary on this pin:

This pin features two Pathfinder girls confidently facing the giant. Intentionally designed with the purpose to affirm and encourage girls in North America who fearlessly have accepted or will accept the call of God to Pastoral Ministry. God calls and enables girls just as He called and enabled David.

The NAD who believes it has painted the world church into a corner by ordaining women elders, is determined to agitate for the full ordination of women, by outright defiance, and by refusing to discipline its Unions who have defied the world Church votes. When called out on it, they will claim “We are not ordaining women.” Yes they are, by refusing to bring defiant Unions into harmony with the will of the world Church. They are guilty. In Dan Jackson’s own words:

“We will not stop agitating for the ordination of women!”

No they won’t. They are pushing this agenda in our schools, churches, Conferences, and now even at the Pathfinder Camporee.

This subtle attempt to indoctrinate the pathfinder youth with the NAD agenda is certainly mischievous, but it is more than that. It is also highly unethical, and highly predictable. Here are some of the individuals responsible for this Pathfinder pin agenda,

Screenshot 2019-06-22 23.20.02.png

I am personally surprised that the NAD did not create a rainbow-colored pin for the 2019 Pathfinders, but liberalism is nothing if not patient. I believe that day is coming, probably sooner than we all think.

We call for the Compliance Committees of the world Seventh-day Adventist Church to promptly discipline the NAD for it’s refusal to discipline the wayward Unions under it. You have waited too long for this necessary correction.