If You are Unwilling to Date a Trans Person, You Must Be "Transphobic"

The trans “community”, now run by the liberal Left, has decided that if you are not attracted to a transvestite, there must be something wrong with you. Ever since a bunch of simpletons humored Bruce Jenner’s delusions and declared him “woman of the year,” there has been a concerted campaign to mainstream and normalize transsexualism as something natural and beautiful.

  • If a young man, for instance, finds a fake ‘woman"‘ with facial hair, an Adam’s apple and a deep voice unattractive, then he is what we call perfectly normal.

  • If a young girl is repulsed by a fake ‘man’ with breasts, female DNA and feminine voice, that would be a normal (and logical) response.

However, Dr. Liadh Timmins, who specializes in sexual orientation and gender identity at King's College London, describes their revulsion as "transphobic".

"If you have a trans woman who transitions very early on, she may be similar to a cis woman at a surface level." (A "cis woman" or "cisgendered" person is someone whose gender identity matches the one they were born with).

"There are hormonal sweet spots where trans women (a male) can transition and be effectively indistinguishable at a certain level from cisgender women," Dr Timmins says. "So being unwilling to date on the basis of someone being trans, rather than on the basis of individual stimuli is something I would personally call transphobic."

"Grouping all transgender “women” as the same and all cis gender women as the same is effectively prejudice," Dr Timmins says.


A recent study of dating preferences was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.  Just under 1,000 participants were polled.

Their results indicated that almost 90% of the participants who were questioned only checked off the “normal” options and excluded transgender and non-binary individuals from their hypothetical dating pool.

Only a very small minority of normal, heterosexual individuals (3.1%) were willing to date a trans person. A much greater percentage of individuals who identified as “bisexual or queer” provided inclusive responses (55%). One reason for this may be that individuals with queer or bisexual sexual orientations are already looking beyond gender in many ways when selecting a person to date. This provides interesting insights, as it means that within certain demographic groups, confusion seems to be much higher. And there’s a fascinating twist that will surprise you.

Some Good News

While our world is becoming more confused and more disconnected from the ennobling truths of God’s holy Word, several recent studies indicate that Millennials and Gen Z’ers are becoming more uncomfortable with the LGBTQ movement. That’s a positive development.

According to The Accelerating Acceptance report, conducted by The Harris Poll for the LGBT advocacy group GLAAD, survey respondents who were in the 18–34 age bracket reported that they were much less tolerant of LGBTQ men and women than they were in surveys taken the previous two years.

The organization has been tracking this sentiment to measure "the state of America's hearts and minds when it comes to accepting LGBTQ people," their website states.

The report was released ahead of June’s 50th anniversary of what many see as the intrusion of the modern LGBTQ movement in the U.S., the Stonewall riots in New York City.

Young people ages 18-34 were the only age group to see a decline in positive feelings toward LGBT individuals. For adults age 72 and older, while less comfortable with LGBT history being taught in schools, the data show their level of discomfort with LGBT persons decreased from 47 percent in 2017 to 37 percent in 2018.


In the span of three years, the drop was most observable among young men, 62 percent of whom expressed favorable feelings toward LGBTQ persons in 2016, to 40 percent in 2017, to 35 percent last year.

Twenty-five percent of the same group said they were uncomfortable having a teacher who is LGBTQ in 2016. In 2018 that same question resulted in an increase to 33 percent.

Please pray for our young people, that they would find the truth about relationships in the amazing Word of God, not in the broken cisterns of cultural lies. The counterfeits of the world lead to depression, bondage and consequences.

God’s ways lead to joy, freedom and truth (John 10:10).


“Male and female created He them” (Genesis 1:27).

“Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh? So they are no longer two, but one flesh” (Matthew 19:5).