Fulcrum7 welcomes unsolicited articles and news items.  We get excited when a great piece of writing or good story is sent to us.  Here are some guidelines to help your material get published:

  • Testimonies.  You have a story to tell and we would like to hear it.  You don't have to have a dramatic conversion in order to have something to say.  Testimonies are encouraging to other people, and encouragement is one of our goals at Fulcrum7. 

  • Make every word count.  Cut out unnecessary words.  Choose one incident and make it come alive.

  • Size.  750-2100 words is preferable.  Sentences over fifty words long often end up on the cutting room floor, or are split in two.  Multiple-part articles rarely receive as much interest as an article within the size limit.

  • News Items.  You can write the news story yourself, or send us the news tip and one of our writers will write it up.  We want our readers to be informed about matters of substance that affect the Church and Christianity.  Speak the truth, and speak it in love.

  • Strengthen your Opening.  This is called a "hook" — a short strong sentence that pulls the reader into the story.

  • Avoid redundancy.  Avoid redundancy.  Also, avoid redundancy.

  • Faith.  Fulcrum7 stands in favor of the 27 Fundamental Beliefs.  It is not our purpose to call our beliefs into question.  They may be elaborated upon, explained and defended.  We do not accept articles that attack the biblical doctrines and purpose of the Advent Movement.  

  • Style.  One space between words, and two spaces between sentences. 

  • Format.  We prefer article and news submissions to be in Microsoft Word format.