Fulcrum7  has a two-fold purpose: To inform and encourage people in general and Seventh-day Adventist Christians in particular.  God has called us to come along side of people and encourage them, all the more as we see the Day approaching.  Though we live in an unstable world, each of us can be kept free by the same powers that set us free--mercy & truth (Psalm 57:3).  Our goal is to point you to these two virtues of God.

We renounce political correctness as always political and seldom correct.  It is the antithesis of truth, and thus an enemy of the Everlasting Gospel.  The Everlasting Gospel is a worldview--it gives us an identity.  Political correctness has dumbed-down our Christian message and compromises our worldview.  We are in the midst of a cultural tyranny unknown by any period in history.  

For some thirty-years, the Adventist Grassroots have not had a voice in the Church, due to a liberal annexation of most of our educational centers, Executive Committees and Conference leaders.  North American Division leadership has systematically supplied cover for this progressive takeover of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Our goal at Fulcrum7 is to provide a format where the voice of committed grassroots members can be heard again.  It is a voice worth hearing.

Fulcrum7  presents a range of topics from a biblical Christian perspective. The topics that we discuss are a mixture of encouragement, serious theological issues, testimonies, and cultural concerns that impact the life and faith of Believers. Every now and then a dash of appropriate humor is published.  

People sometimes ask "What is a Fulcrum7?" A fulcrum is a lever, a pivot point, an answer, a guide and a solution.  Seven is the perfect number of Creation, exemplified in the Sabbath rest.  Joined together, we hope Fulcrum7 brings a measure of strength and rest into your life.  Enjoy!

Articles & news items do not necessarily reflect every view of Fulcrum7.  

David discussing biblical apologetics with reader.

The winner of the Apple iPad Mini III at GYC

The winner of the Apple iPad Mini III at GYC

David speaking with friends at the GC Session

Gerry presenting a marriage seminar in Oregon.

The Founders / Contributors

The Janitor - Gerry Wagoner

Gerry Wagoner is a businessman, counselor, and an active Adventist layman who serves on the Ohio Conference Executive Committee.  Gerry Wagoner and his wife, Nancy, are adult converts to Seventh-day Adventism.  Their background is in the Anabaptist community; Gerry read and studied his way into the church as a young adult, some twenty-five years ago.  Gerry has a continuing burden for the Anabaptist community and for preserving the biblical integrity of Seventh-day Adventist doctrine and practice.
   The Wagoners also conduct marriage and relationship seminars around the world, and Gerry will provide an article on relationships several times a year.

The Supervisor - David Read esq.

David Read is a recovering attorney, who was educated at Southwestern Adventist University and the University of Texas at Austin. David developed an interest in apologetics, and wrote the book, “Dinosaurs –An Adventist View,” which thoroughly explores the origins controversy from an Adventist perspective. Since the publication of that volume, David has become famous (or infamous—opinions vary) for his commentary at both liberal and conservative Internet blogs and sites. David makes forensically rigorous apologetics a major emphasis of Fulcrum7.



Contributing Author - Churchmouse

ChurchMouse sends in a monthly article, and you never know where he's going to pop up.  He spends part of his time between America and South England near Church Hougham.  ChurchMouse writes on a variety of topics about...you guessed it.  Church!  Telltale signs are cheese crumbs, grains and seeds.  Stay tuned!


Contributing Editor - Holly Joers

Holly Joers is a lifelong SDA who was raised in Southern California and now is blessed to live in rural Arkansas with her husband Skip and son Elijah.  She is a church pianist and is addicted to Bible study, gardening and bargain-hunting, among other things. Holly helps out with editing at Fulcrum7, and writes upbeat articles about Church life.